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Vale of Eternal Blossoms - cloth transmo

It is already 3rd part of my Pandaria journey. Today we will visit Vale of Eternal Blossom which is exactly in the middle of the Pandaria map. Since the beginning of MoP it has changed a lot. From beautiful, gold and calm to corrupted by sha and almost completely destroyed. Even thou I wasn't able to go back in time to make printscreen of my transmo set in old Vale I decided that I will use it as inspiration.
For those who feel lots in Pandaria here is map with marked location about which we are talking today:

Vale of Eternal Blossoms was a little bit challenging. Again I wasn't sure what should be my main theme. I've searched my bank full of items and I found Elegant Robes. It is gold and noble just like the Vale. I remember how this location looked like before it was corrupted and I think it is what I wanted to represent with this set.

Chest - because good dress is all you need

Elegant Robes is perfect - green item, unique color and it has beautiful skin. Only problem, as for all green items, it is hard to farm. I recommend you just checking AH or farm some classic raids.
I heard story about couple who met in WoW and they get married first in game and than in real life. During in game wedding in Stormwind bride was wearing Elegant Robes and than she created this dress in real life just to wear it on their real life wedding. I've even googled it for you. Here is photo of her in this fabulous dress:

Thanks gamegrep for putting it online!

Shoulders - MAGE ONLY - and how to find replacement

I had few different ideas for this set shoulders. Finally I've chosen Furious Gladiator's Silk Amice because they really match the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. If you will look at the screens grass and leaves are there gold. Trees are white and bushes are in the same colors as shoulders chosen by me. It looks good together and use all colors from the Vale. They cost just few hundreds of honor points in Dalaran but are available for mages only :(. If you would like to use this transmo for lock or priest I recommend those Shoulders of Foaming Fluids (available also as set for Priests). Maybe you will no longer use all Vale colors but it still will look really nice :).

Head, belt and gloves

As always I need to mention how dead is my server. I can't get here even simple green items. Because of that I'm always trying to find sets which aren't hard to collect even without AH. When I was looking for head I checked first some easy outland and classic drops. I found few which were ok. However I wasn't lucky and they didn't drop. I've realized than that I have perfect head in my bank. I'm always buying on AH Crown of Endless Knowledge when I found it cheap (it can be bought even for 5g sometimes :)) because it has really great skin. It is also good for resell. I remember that I had at least 3 of them stored somewhere. It seems however that I lost them. I have no idea where. I'm sure I wasn't selling them on this dead realm. I've checked AH if I can buy new one but of course I couldn't. I made really sad panda face that day. I wanted to farm it but it is blue outland world drop so it is even harder than green. When I thought that I will need to find something else I checked Wowhead again and realized that it is not unique skin! There is quest which offers this head as a reward. after doing really nice and not so long quest chain you can get: Tourmaline Crown. I've done it on Horde side and I must say it was quite epic. You are helping Rexxar and killing stuff. Is there anything better than that? I wonder how it look on ally.
Gloves and Belt were really easy. Belt can be bought for gold at Sunreaver Assault/Kirin Tor Offensive quartermaster which is located on Thunder Isle. You need to be honored to get it. The easiest way to get this reputation is solo scenario available on Thunder Isle. If you are lucky you can get honored in one day.
Gloves are crafted by tailors. You need only 35 tailoring lvl and just few simple mats. It shouldn't be more expensive than 5g. I've prepared also alternative gloves version which let this set represent current Vale of Eternal Blossoms look. You can see them on this screen:

Those are: Imperial Silk Gloves . I quite like this look. It is still elegant but it becomes slowly corrupted from the weapon :) Just like the Vale.

Wrists and Staff

From time to time I'm trying to made transmo set which include visible wrists. In most cases they are hidden under gloves or chest even thou they had great skins. For this transmo I found as small gloves as possible so you can see those fabulous wrists from top to bottom. There are two tailoring recipes available with this skin. Both are outland drops (not really hard to get) and also requires specific outland mats (those can be hard). Swiftheal Wraps are however worth all those mats and recipe farming. If you have occasion you should really craft them.
Staff which I'm using is also crafted. I've realized now that lots of items in this set is crafted. I guess it is because I'm trying to avoid AH on my dead realm. Key to the planes is from Inscription. You need to have at least 480 lvl profession level but this weapon as almost all craft can be also found on AH. There are probably other good weapon options for this set however I like to think that it is key for this big Vale of Eternal Blossoms's gate :). For corrupted transmo version I'm using: Jin'ya, Orb of the Waterspeaker but I think that Gao-Rei, Staff of the Legendary Protector would also look nice.

Fluffy things - mounts and pets

I needed something gold and from Pandaria. I was thinking about crane mounts from Golden Lotus but at the end I've decided that Reins of the Heavenly Golden Cloud Serpent is the best one. You need to farm rep for it but in my opinion it is worth it. Great cloud serpent skin. You need to have Cloud Serpent Riding to ride it however it is quite easy to get it even in one day if your server is dead. All you need to do is collect black onyx eggs in Jade Forest or farm eggs in Timeless Isles.
I would love to have Reins of the Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent which would be perfect for corrupted set version. I think I will start doing world bosses more often :).

For pet I've decided that Pandaren Fire Spirit looks quite good. It has matching colors and is from Pandaria. I wonder if I should pick something with blue accents or more gold. Anyway I'm quite happy with how it looks right now.

Items used in this transmogrification:

Click on item name to be redirected to Wowhead.
Head: Tourmaline Crown
Drop location: Quest reward: HORDE - Showdown - ALLY - Showdown | one more location available
Shoulders: Furious Gladiator's Silk Amice
Drop location:Honor Vendor in Dalaran | unique skin
Chest: Elegant Robes
Drop location: Green item - you can farm 59+ lvl classic elites or check on AH | unique color!
Gloves: Elegant Robes
Drop location:Tailoring (35 lvl required) recipe is from trainer | unique skin
Waist:Shan'ze Scholar's Girdle
Drop location: Vendor Vasarin Redmorn You need to be honored with Sunreaver Assault (H)/Kirin Tor Offensive (A) Hiren Loresong| Other drop locations available
Legs: ----
Boots: ----
Cloak: ----
Bracers:Swiftheal Wraps.
Drop location:Tailoring (375 lvl required) recipe is zone drop in Hyjal Summit | one more drop location available
Weapon: Key to the planes
Drop location:Inscription (min 480 lvl required) | unique skin

Off-hand: ----

Mount: Reins of the Heavenly Golden Cloud Serpent
Source: Vendor - Mistweaver Ku (you need to be exalted with Shaohao)
Pet: Pandaren Fire Spirit
Source: Pet battle quests - you can also find it on AH!

As a bonus I made few printscreens in Vale of Eternal Blossoms and connected into one:

I hope you like this set and maybe you will use it for your fluffy pandas!

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