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Diabolo - Diablo leather transmogrification

As some of you probably know we were celebrating DIABLO III birthday few days ago (to be more exact on 15 May). For this occasion Blizzard gave all players chance to play with buff which were increasing Legendary item drop chance by 100%. I couldn't resist this opportunity and I spend last week farming. Because of that I'm posting new transmo later than usual. As part of DIABLO III birthday celebration I have for you Diablo look a like leather set :D.
This post will show you how to become devil and stay fluffy at the same time. I wanted it to be red but unfortunately there isn't many items to choose from in this color.

Head and shoulders - horns, spikes and other cool stuff

The most important part of every transmogrification is head, chest or shoulders. This time it will be my epic, red, bad-ass head. Helm of Fire is really easy to get. Not many people use so... unusual (:D) look. You can get it as green drop, from some rare spawn or like me just from tailoring. There is no need for special recipe or strange mats. It has horns and even one spike on the forehead which looks exactly like diablo's soulstone (ok maybe not exactly like it but try to use your imagination!). I would like to say 'Thanks!' here to my guild mate Spartakos who crafted this head for me!
I really wanted to find matching shoulders but you need to choose between red item which is plain or something cool which isn't red. I've decided that I will go with Ricocheting Shoulderguards which drops from Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar. At the end spikes are more important than everything else. At least those shoulders have small red elements.
Diabolo transmo set in normal light

Chest - 'This game hate me' chapter 666

I start thinking that there is no such thing as transmo set which will be pure pleasure for me. Even if I'm lucky and everything drops on first run there is always this one thing which just isn't working. I found perfect chest for this set. Primalstorm Breastplate is not only unique color but it is also red and match my horned head. I spend some time farming mats for it because Primal air is always quite expensive on AH. I found all other items for this transmo set and when I was ready I asked my friend to craft this chest for me. Recipe for it is available from any leatherworking trainer so I really didn't expected it will be bind on pick up. Unfortunately it is. I've realized it after he crafted this chest for me and couldn't put it on trade. It has destroyed my whole plan. I already had everything ready so I decided that I will find replacement even thou I knew there is no other as good chest as this one. I found that Tribal Vest is good enough to use it. I got this green chest few times from Ragefire Chasm. I'm farming this location as mad because I'm looking for chest for other set. However when I've decide that I want to use Tribal Vest I realized that I vendored them all because I didn't liked this skin. It was very easy drop (I got 1-3 per run) so I just went to Ragefire Chasm for new one. Of course this time it didn't drop. I needed to buy it on AH.
As a nice addition I've used shirt for this transmogrification set. I'm not doing it often because I do not use shirts and tabards however I think it is important part of this set. Amber Filigreed Shirt has longer sleeves than chest so you can see only them. Only because of that Tribal Vest is good here. This shirt is also very easy to get. You can buy it for 25g in Dalaran. You can reduce the price by gaining reputation with Kirin Tor (it works for both Horde and Ally).

Gloves, belt and everything else

I must say that all other items were quite easy to get. Most of them are just simple greens or vendor items. Worth mentioning here are two things. Saber Leggings has really nice skin and can be found as low lvl greens. However legs which I'm using are from vendor. I didn't know that you can get so nice skins just from vendors. In some low lvl locations there are vendors outside cities which sells greens in limited supply. I needed to check them 3-4 times before I got legs I needed however they cost me 1g. For the same skin on AH I would need to pay probably about 200-500.
Another interesting thing is weapon. Flame Wrath isn't unique skin or even color. It has unique glow. It is important because I'm showing you how transmogrifications sets look in real. I do not create them in some model viewer. I'm checking every item by myself and sometimes weapon doesn't match because of enchant I'm using. It would be stupid to not wear enchants only because they doesn't look good. Flame Wrath is great because it is overwriting your current enchant (or at least it is doing this with Dancing Steel).

Evil companions

For mount I was thinking about various drakes but I've checked how I look on Reins of the Amber Scorpion and it wast the best what i could get. It isn't rare mount so it is for sure good for most players. If you don't have it try red drake. It is less epic and fearsome but it looks ok.
For pet I'm using imp. It was quite obvious decision. I would love to use Mini Diablo but it is too expensive for me right now. If you have spare one you can always give it to me. I will love him forever ^^.

Items used in this transmogrification:

Click on item name to be redirected to Wowhead.
Head: Helm of Fire
Drop location:Leatherworking (250 lvl required) - Recipe from trainer | two more location available
Shoulders: Ricocheting Shoulderguards
Drop location:Iron Juggernaut - Siege of Orgrimmar (6 boss) (HC difficulty) | unique color if you aren't rogue
Chest: Tribal Vest
Drop location: Green item - you can farm Ragefire Chasm for it or check on AH | one other very similar skin available
Shirt: Amber Filigreed Shirt
Drop location: Vendor - Dalaran - Karandonna (25g)
Gloves: Murkblood Gloves
Drop location: Green item - you can try farm outland dungeons for it or check on AH | few other locations available
Waist: Tomb Raider's Girdle
Drop location: Feng the Accursed - Mogu'shan Vaults (2 boss) LFR only | few other locations available
Legs: Saber Leggings
Drop location: Vendor - Arathi Highlands - Dark Iron Entrepreneur (1g 32s 65 c)| few other location available

Boots:Tukka-Tuk's Hairy Boots
Drop location: Vendor - Arathi Highlands - Commander Oxheart (1,750 jp as for 5.4)| few other location available

Cloak: ----
Bracers: ----
Weapon: Flame Wrath
Drop location:Ambassador Flamelash - Blackrock Depths (you can go straight to this boss) | unique glow
Off-hand: ----

Mount: Reins of the Amber Scorpion
Source: Vendor - Ambersmith Zikk (you need to be exalted with Klaxxi)
Pet: Corefire Imp
Source: Drop - Magmadar (1st boss in Molten COre) - you can also find it on AH!

I hope you like this set and maybe you will use it for your fluffy pandas!

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