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Kun-Lai Summit - cloth transmogrification

I was able to finally finish my transmo set for Kun-Lai Summit. It is fourth part of my Pandaria journey. Today I have something really simple, white and priest looking even thou it is still my fluffy mage.
If you still feel lost in Pandaria look at the map below. I have colored location about which we are talking today.
Kun-Lai summit is covered mostly by high mountains. There is always snow there and very often you can find there snowing weather. It is why I have decide that my transmogrification set for this part of Pandaria will be white and will be covering almost all body. In addition, this time full set is usable by any cloth user so no matter if you are lock, priest or mage - you can use those items creating new look!

How to become priest part 1 - Head

I guess it is nothing great for priest but if you are lock or mage like me you may find those transmo set useful. The main part here is head. I'm using Cowl of Benevolence which has unique colors and skin. If you play with priest you can find this skin as your tier set but only in black/grey colors. White one isn't hard to get. It is just boss drop in Black Temple. It took me few weeks to get it but you can be lucky and get yours on first run. It is definitely worth farming not only because of nice hood skin but also because of unique animation it has. I'm not sure if it is clearly visible on print screens but it has small blue halo which make it even more priest-like.

Shoulders and chest and why I hate low populated realms

Shoulders were easy. It is just pvp tailoring craft with recipe from vendor. I'm using Bloodthirsty Embersilk Shoulders. This skin has quite common in cata but I do not see much people with it now. I think it is really simple and beautiful so I will try to show it with few different sets in the future. When I was creating this post I needed to find it on Wowhead so I can link them in the bottom of this post. You should see my face when I saw information under those shoulders saying This item is not available to players. It is old skin but I see it often on AH even on my dead realm. Moreover it is craft on which I had recipe so I thought 'WTF?' and googled it. It seems that with pvp gear update all recipes where just updated so you don't have old ones. In that case you can't craft Bloodthirsty Embersilk Shoulders but you probably still can find them on AH. It isn't problem however because they replaced this recipe with new one for Vicious Embersilk Shoulders. Those new shoulders have exactly the same skin as old ones so I'm just linking this new version below. Even if you don't have mats for them there is vendor which will sell you this skin for justice points (as of 5.4 - I know that they are thinking about removing this currency type).
Chest was pure pain. It is green low lvl drop. According to wowhead you should be able to get it in low lvl version of Scholomance. I can confirm that I got there few other parts of this particular set. However after days of farming I got lots of greens, one epic and two blue from trash but still not my Aurora Robe. If you are Goblin, Worgen, Tauren or just ally you should have quest in your starting zone awarding this chest as a reward. I guess that most of you even if got it when lvling already sold it to vendor. In that case I strongly recommend checking AH. If your realm is dead as my you can also already start crying. I was lucky enough and found this chest on AH on ally side on my server. It was there for 1500g so I wasn't quite happy to spend so much on green chest. I do not have much gold on ally side because I play on horde. I waited few weeks and finally found it there for 500g and bought it. It was the only element I was missing for this set.

Gloves - unique skin which you probably lost - and belt

When I was writing this I couldn't recall when exactly transmogrification where introduced. After some google searching I found that it was patch 4.3 (this one with Dragon Soul). In the same patch 3 new dungeons were introduced with some quest chain which were guiding us throe them. Last quest from this not very long series offers Safeguard Gloves which has unique color!. I guess that most of you already done this quest and vendored or disenchanted those gloves. I was lucky enough that I still didn't visited some old instances on my mage and I could do it now. Safeguard Gloves isn't best gloves skin in the game but it is definitly nice to have them. I think that the look great with Aurora Robe.
Belt was just small addition. I was thinking about Vicious Embersilk Belt which is from the same set with shoulders used in this transmo however I already had Belt of Divine Inspiration in my bags. It drops from firs boss in Gruul's Lair so isn't hard to get. However if you are not lucky you can just craft Vicious Embersilk one :)

Weapon and all animals

Staff was quite difficult to chose. I was thinking about something fancy like Staff of Immaculate Recovery but it was too obvious for this set :). I wanted something really simple. The best option in my opinion is Spire of the Stoneshaper but it was impossible to get it on my server. It has unique color so I couldn't find perfect replacement for it. In that case my final choice was Healer's Staff of the Forest. It is the same skin but slightly recolored. To get it you need to do one simple escort quest in Terrokar Forest.
For pet I took Moon Moon mostly because it is white. I like its unique animation and who doesn't like Moon Moon? I guess Frostwolf Pup datamined for Warlords of Draenor would be also great here.
I wasn't sure if Reins of the Golden Riding Crane will be good but when I mounted on it to make some printscreen I knew that it is it :)

Items used in this transmogrification:

Click on item name to be redirected to Wowhead.
Head: Cowl of Benevolence
Drop location: Teron Gorefiend - Black Temple (4th boss) | unique color and unique skin if you aren't priest!
Shoulders: Vicious Embersilk Shoulders
Drop location:Tailoring (505 lvl required) - Recipe from trainer | one more location available
Chest: Aurora Robe
Drop location: Green item - you can farm low lvl Scholomance or check on AH | unique color! if you are worgen, goblin, tauren or ally there is quest for you rewarding this color
Gloves: Safeguard Gloves
Drop location:Quest reward from To Wyrmrest! | unique color!
Waist:Belt of Divine Inspiration
Drop location: High King Maulgar - Gruul's Lair (1st boss) | unique color and unique skin if you aren't priest!
Legs: ----
Boots: ----
Cloak: ----
Bracers: ----
Weapon: Healer's Staff of the Forest
Drop location:Quest reward from Escape from Firewing Point!(Horde) - Escape from Firewing Point!(Alliance) | unique color!
Off-hand: ----

Mount: Reins of the Golden Riding Crane
Source: Vendor - Jaluu the Generous (you need to be exalted with Golden Lotus)
Pet: Moon Moon
Source: Drop - Moonfang (Darkmoon Isle) - you can also find it on AH!

As always as bonus I made few printscreens in Kun-Lai Summit and connected them into one:

I hope you like this set and maybe you will use it for your fluffy pandas!

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