Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Say 'Hi' to the new family member!

Finally I have transfered my hunter from Blade's Edge to Burning Legion server. I hope that I will be able to play with him a little bit more. I've also decided that I would love it to be Panda. I had plan to level Pandaren hunter in the near future but as long as I've transfered one it was stupid to have two hunters on the same realm. I also hate lvling :). First time in my life I bought race change and I'm really happy with it.

It wasn't easy decision for me. This char was my first ever character and I used to see her as blood elf. Moreover I had on her lots of no longer obtainable items. For example I had alliance tabard which you can see on print screen above. I was able to purchase it few years ago due of some bug. Unfortunately race change converted it to horde one.

It is not only new fluffy character but also my first pandaren who is using mail armor. It will allow me for new transmogrification sets which will be good for hunters and shamans. I'm in the process of lvling my fluffy warrior so plate transmos are also coming soon :).

In next few days I will try to sort everything out with my hunter and post you set which I'm currently using on her. I hope you will like it as much as I'm :)

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