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I've started playing WoW month or two after WotLK was launched. I didn't wanted to play this game. I was playing Diablo II and I really liked it. However, after four years of legit game without any bots and all that stupid things I got ban on my account. Only because I was using small program to launch Diablo without CD. It was hard to start again and I've decided that I will try something new. I bought battle chest and my journey started :). Since than I was playing almost all the time. Unfortunately server which I've chosen so many years ago (Blade's Edge EU) is dead now and I can't raid there. I've decide to transfer some of my chars so I can be now found on Burning Legion EU.

My favorite char now is my fat pandaren monk which were my first heal ever and my pro dps - goblin warrior:) As long as main hero of this blog will be my Monk and my Pandaren Mage it is possible that I will post some transmo which I use for my other 90s.

I like collecting everything. Especially if it is shiny. I have banks full of crap. I'm also collector in real life. I have some warcraft collectibles but I'm still looking for more. On first place on my wanted list are collector edition boxes (and keys of course! but I will be happy if I will get boxes at least).

If you want contact with me you can find me here:

My battle tag: Squatine#2621
My e-mail: squatine@gmail.com

My warcraftpets profile: http://www.warcraftpets.com/account/profiles/Squatine/


  1. pandas are for fags

    1. #pandaandproudofit

    2. see something in pandas you dont like about yourself?

  2. Hey! :3
    I saw you yesterday at Shrine and I suggested the Melmorta's Twilight Longbow with your current set. Anyway, you got a really nice blog going on here. Keep up the awesome work! ^_____^


  3. #HAŃA ~Tomasz 2015


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