Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Premade sets - MoP Mage Challenge

Today I will make a little bit different post. Few weeks ago I finished my second Challenge Conqueror: Gold. It wasn't easy mostly because I have no idea how to play mage. It is my first char with this class ever. I just lvled it and thats all. However when I saw how great is Challege Mode set for mages I decided that i will try to get it. I could of course buy a boost but this is option for weak people. If you will ever buy any boost, remember - you are weak.
I wanted to show you guys how great this set look on female Pandaren. I didn't changed anything in it. Weapon which I'm using is Exodar Life-Staff. I think it is quite good for this set.
In addition to great look this set has also its special animations. Kirin Tor symbol will appear over your head ans shoulders every time you will cast something. One over your head is purple and you also get blue and orange above your shoulders.

It is also nice to choose matching mount from Challenge Conqueror: Silver. I saw blue post that in WoD you should get all mounts from this achievement if you already have one so it is nice for everyone who would like to have them all. For mage transmo set the best one is Reins of the Violet Pandaren Phoenix. Here is how my mage look on it:

I'm strongly recommending getting this set now when it is still available. For sure it is really great and unique :). I hope we will gave something even more awesome in next expansion!

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