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Jikun - Noblegarden leather transmo

Noblegarden is finally here and I couldn't find time to make print screens of transmo set I have prepared for this occasion. It was done long time ago because I just love this head skin. I've decided it will be really good for such colorful event as Noblegarden. I guess it is how I imagine bird which is creating all those colored eggs. Of course everyone know that source of Noblegarden eggs are rabbits. Small, fluffy, white and pink rabbits.
I'm using this transmo for some time now on my healer. Maybe it isn't the best but for sure it is unique. People are whispering to me more often than before. Few days ago when I was standing in city someone whispered 'LOL it is the most ugly transmo I have ever seen'. I must agree that I'm not the most handsome panda in Azeroth however messages like this shows that I'm big and colorful enough to get noticed. I also like it because it is really unique and for sure it isn't boring :)

How to become a bird: step 1 - Head, Shoulders and belt

Isn't this head amazing? Not only it has great skin but it is also very easy to get. You can buy it for 390 justice points (as for 5.4) in Shattarah. I wonder why people are not using it for transmo. I have never seen anyone with it. Completely different situation is with Shoulders of the Roiling Inferno and Dragonmaw Emergency Strap. As long as it is current LFR drop lots of leather users have them. They will probably vendor or disenchant it later what will be huge mistake. Green color is available from LFR only so after 6.1 you will probably not be able to get them if you will reach 91+ lvl. Because of that I wanted to have them in my bank. My guild is progressing HC bosses so there is no point for me to do LFRs on my Monk. In that case I needed to go there specially for those shoulders. I was killing the Fallen Protectors for weeks. It was really hard with people who shouldn't raid any instance harder than Ragefire Chasm. We were wiping a lot. I was even spending my bonus roll coins here even thou I needed them for some HC upgrades. When I have decide that I spend there enough time and that I actually don't like this skin, color, instance, class and game I went to my bank looking for some easy replacement. It is when I found that I already have those shoulders. GL for everyone who will decide to farm them before 6.1
As a bonus some more classic look. Unfortunately those items can't be use for transmo :(

Chest, legs, gloves and boots

It is spring so we should use more greens. For this set you have green chest, legs and boots. Dervish Tunic as most green items can be found on AH.It also drops from lvl ~28-31 rare mobs so you can try to farm it. Same with Bard's Trousers. Both items should be really cheap because they are quite common.
Gloves and boots are greens but not from drop. Boots can be purchased from Krom'gar Quartermaster on Horde side however you need to do some quest to make it unlocked. It is however strongly recommended to do so. You not only get access to low lvl greens which can be disenchanted but you also have few quite nice skins which can be useful in the future. For example in Valentines Day transmo I have used shoulders from this vendor.
Gloves are a little bit more challenging to get. You can farm green item or find it on AH or craft it from LW. Mats are really cheap but recipe is no longer obtainable. Lots of players still have it because it was quite common. Anyway it's skin is really interesting so I will probably use it again somewhere in the future :)
One more Noblegarden look. Again those items can't be use for transmo :(

Weapon and off-hand

Currently I'm using one hand and off-hand on my healer spec so it is what I will be using for transmo for some time now :). It's good because one hand sword I found is perfect for belt and shoulders from this set. Renataki's Soul Slicer looks very similar to crystals from shoulders and belt. The only problem with this sword is that you need to have at least 225 Archeology lvl to summon this boss. Moreover it share space with 3 other bosses so you just need to be lucky. When I was farming this sword I got Renataki on 4th or 5th day so it is completely random. He doesn't always drop this sword too.
For off-hand there was few option. I've decided to use crystal to match other items. I already had it from my endless Kharazan farm. I saw that same color drops from Black Temple so you can farm it with other cool skins.

Even more birds - mount

I should probably choose dragonhawk for this transmo set but Red Hawkstrider looks more interesting. It is however HORDE only so if you are ally consider changing your fraction. It will be better for you.
As pet I'm using something bright and green - Darkmoon Glowfly. It can be caught only during Darkmoon Faire so make sure you will not miss it!

Items used in this transmogrification:

Click on item name to be redirected to Wowhead.
Head: Mask of Primal Power
Drop location: Vendor - G'eras |one more drop location available
Shoulders: Shoulders of the Roiling Inferno
Drop location: The Fallen Protectors - Siege of Orgrimmar (2nd boss)LFR only | unique color if you aren't druid
Chest: Dervish Tunic
Drop location: Hard to farm as all green world drops. Lvl 28-31 rares should drop it. If you are on populated realm check AH | one more item with this skin available
Gloves: Deviate Scale Gloves
Drop location: Crafting - Leatherworking (min lvl 104)recipe removed from the game but some LW still have it | available also as green ite,
Waist:Dragonmaw Emergency Strap
Drop location: Galakras - Siege of Orgrimmar (5nd boss)LFR only | one more drop location available
Legs: Bard's Trousers
Drop location: Hard to farm as all green world drops. Lvl 15-19 rares should drop it. If you are on populated realm check AH | unique color!
Boots: Krom'gar Sergeant's Leather Boots
Drop location: Vendor - Krom'gar Quartermaster (Stonetalon Mountains only available for Horde and after doing few quests) | other locations available - only as quest rewards for both Horde and Alliance
Cloak: ----
Bracers: ----
Weapon: Renataki's Soul Slicer
Drop location: Edge of Madness (Renataki) - Zul'Gurub (you can do this boss as first one) min 225 Archeology is needed to summon it! | unique color

Off-hand:Jewel of Infinite Possibilities
Drop location: Netherspite - Kharazan (10) | other drop location available

Mount: Red Hawkstrider
Source: Vendor Winaestra | HORDE ONLY
Pet: Darkmoon Glowfly
Source: Pet Battle - Darkmoon Island (low lvl so you can catch them with any pet)

I was doing todays print screens in very special place. For those who have never been here few photos of critters which can be found here:

I hope you like my Noblegarden transmo and maybe you will use it for your fluffy pandas!

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