Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Alvaro - 'Love is in the air' transmo

'Love is in the air' world event is here! My Panda is prepared for this occasion with his handsome look. I'm using this transmo for his DPS spec now and I must say I'm really happy with it. The main idea was to make him look classy, mysterious and of course fabulous. Purple/black combo seems to be perfect for that occasion. Everyone like purple items, am I right?
There are some items which I really like for example Black Ice.I was looking for other staff or polearm for this set but after checking few of them I was always going back to Black Ice. It is Epic. I will definitely use it again in the future.

The whole idea for this set began when I found this hat. I didn't liked cloth transmo which were using this hat or similar ones. However on my monk it looks cool. He is handsome and mysterious - exactly as I wanted him to be. After 4 runs on Dire Maul it dropped for me and I've decide that I will collect all other items for this set. I've prepared list of things which were matching my hat. I was choosing items which looked good but also was easy to get or at least I thought they will be easy.
After I got my head I decided that I will craft myself chest. As far as I checked it was from leatherworking and my Blood Elf hunter has almost all recipes. Unfortunately  I didn't have that one. I was quite surprised so I've checked wowhead. Recipe for this chest is available only from Alliance quest. I've one ally character but I've decided that I will check if there is any easier way. Happy for me there was one. Rogue Deck offers quest where you can choose this chest as an reward. Even on my old, dead realm I was able to buy cards needed for this deck for 10g each. You need 3 cards so this chest cost me 30g only.

Next problem was shoulders. I knew that I need to do some quest. I didn't know that I need to do so many of them :). There are few different quests which offers this color of shoulders. I'm sure you can find something shorter than quests in Stonetalon Mountains. However if you decide to do same quests as me you will unlock vendor with few other skins + cheap greens for disenchant.
For gloves I've chosen Replica item from Darkmoon Island. I do own few original items which are now available as replicas at darkmoon however I did not have this particular gloves. If you do not have enough tokens for them you can always look on AH. Both replica items and original ones (only wrists, belts and gloves) can be fund there.

Other items do not have any special story. I had those legs from Razorscale because I'm doing Ulduar every week now. I had some problems with finding matching boots. However those from Defiler's vendor seems to be nice choice.

As always I've chosen mount and pet which should be used with this set :). I was thinking about something purple. Pet and mount form 'love is in the air' event were to easy choice for me. I've decide that I need something more simple.

For pet I've chosen Glinean Raven. I still have one with S/S breed which is now unobtainable. However you can get yourself B/B breed if you have worgen. If not just look on AH. They cost about 1k. If you don't like spending gold wait for Darkmoon. You can find the same skin as battle pet there.
For mount I was thinking about black panther from Zul'Gurub but It just doesn't drop for me. In that case I needed o find something else. I think that Dark Riding Talbuk look really great with this transmo. It is black with some purple elements and it is also quite rare.  You can get this mount only by doing some pvp on outlands. There are not many people there what make it really hard to solo. However if you will find group you can get both mounts available here at ones!

Items used in this transmogrification:

Click on item name to be redirected to Wowhead.
Head: Clever Hat
Drop location: Zevrim Thornhoof - Dire Maul (East Wing 1st boss) - unique skin for leather! drops only here
Shoulders: Krom'gar Champion's Hide Shoulderguard
Drop location: Vendor - Krom'gar Quartermaster (Stonetalon Mountains only available for Horde and after doing few quests) | other locations available - only as quest rewards for both Horde and Alliance
Chest: Darkmoon Vest
Drop location: Quest - From Rogue Deck | same skin available from lw - alliance only recipe
Gloves: Replica Wildheart Gloves
Drop location: Vendor - Darkmoon island | you can find it on AH
Waist:Featherflight Belt
Drop location: Ji-Kun - Throne of Thunder (6th boss) - HC difficulty | other drop location avaiable
Legs:Proto-Hide Leggings
Drop location: Razorscale - Ulduar (2) 25 player difficulty | bind on equip so you can find them on AH | Other drops available
Boots:Defiler's Leather Boots
Drop location: Vendor Rutherford Twing - Rutherford Twing (Horde only) price: 45 honor (as of 5.4) | version for Alliance avaiable
Cloak: N/A
Bracers: N/A
Weapon: Black Ice
Drop location: Malygos - Eye of Eternity (1st boss) - 10 Men | unique skin! only drops here

Mount: Dark Riding Talbuk
Source: Vendor (Sold at Halaa - Nagrand for pvp marks (your fraction need to control Halaa for NPC to be friendly)
Pet: Gilnean Raven
Source: Vendor (Will Larsons - Darkshore | you can buy it only ones and only on Worgen! It is however trade able so check AH) | Crow pet has same skin (rare battle pet from Darkmoon Island)

I think I would rate this set as mnot hard to get. It all as always depend from luck. You need to do few quests for shoulders and wait for Darkmoon but I think this look is worth it :)

I hope you like it and maybe you will use it for your fluffy pandas!

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