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Valley of the 4 Winds - cloth transmo

It is time to do other than leather transmogrification sets. Few weeks ago I got an idea that I will do series of posts about looks which will match Pandaria locations. I needed inspiration for some new sets and it was perfect solution for me. I've started with Valley of the Four Winds and after two or three weeks of painful item farm I got everything I needed. So here it is - first from (I hope) long and funny post series :)!
For those of you who have no idea where Valley of the four winds is here is small map. It is location full of farmers, yaks and pandas. You can even create there your own farm on which you can plant carrots, leaks and all other green stuff.
It is exactly in the middle of Pandaria so I decided it is good place to start my journey. I wanted to create plain look which will match this location but also I didn't want my Panda to look like farmer. I hope that I've achieved this with this set made mostly with green classic items.

Finding your head
You can't farm everything at once so I've decided that I will get my Straw Hat. It is white item so I wasn't sure if I can use it for transmo. There were some comments that I can but prefer checking everything by myself. Anyway it was an easy item. You can buy it for 7 coppers from vendor in the middle of Valley of Four Winds. I was a little bit afraid that I will need exalted with Tillers but if you already reached Exalted there with one char you can easy and fast get it on any other. As always I was wrong. You don't need any rep with Tillers for this cute hat. You need to be best friend with Old Hillpaw. I have never done any quest there with my mage so I was stranger with him. I thought I will need to spend month there to get it done but lucky for me I'm on dead server and I had lots of free time. I was collecting Dark soils (you need to do just few short quests to get those available) for about 2 hours with some breaks for soils respawn. Remember that on some days Old Hillpaw is offering you daily quest which award reputation for him. You can also feed this fluffy Pandaren with Braised Turtle ones a day for additional reputation. After 2 hours without doing any quests for him (I gave him food once) I was his best friend. He has send me hat via e-mail however this one wasn't usable for transmo . If you want this look you need to buy it from Gina Mudclaw. She will have it as soon as you will become best friend with Old Hillpaw.

I have used lots of green items for this set. Not only green in visual way but also in quality. Shoulders for example are low lvl green which can be found on AH. On my server you will rather drop mount from Onyxia than get something from AH. When I was checking it for those shoulders there were exactly 3 items usable by me in shoulders cloth section. So I needed to farm. As most of you probably know, farming green items is pure pain. They can drop from first mob and you can also never get them. Greenweave Mantle are easy because you can get them from rare mobs. Rare mobs are awesome. They always drop green item (only on classic and some low lvls drops bags instead) and in most cases they are waiting for you to kill them in the same spot every time. They are respawning much faster now and there are also more rares because of those new hunter ones (unique skins for them to tame). If you want to be nice you can leave alive all tamable mobs for hunters. I'm killing everything. If you want those shoulders simply fly to Azshara - kill all rare there if they didn't drop your item go to Ashenvale - kill them all - and than to Darkshore. It is really useful to have addons like NPC scan + NPC scan overlay for this. It took me some time to get those shoulders but I've got few other nice skins from rares.

My plan was to use other chest for this transmo but it was hard to farm green item. I've checked AH few times but it was empty as Thunder Bluff. There were few nice replacements so I've decide that I will use Green Woolen Vest. Every tailor with at least 85 skill lvl can do it. Recipe is from trainer. Mats are also easy to get - just two bolts of woolen cloth and some vendor items (you can buy them for example in Orgrimmar). It is unique skin which looks great on both males and females so it is for sure worth crafting.

Hands and everything on them
I've changed skin on my wrists for this set. It wasn't necessary but I like how they connect hand with gloves. Wrists are often really cheap on AH as many people do not use them for transmo (mostly because they are hidden under gloves or chest in the final look). I bought mine for 20 silvers. It was the only cloth items under wrists on my server. Ivycloth Gloves dropped for me during some rare farm for other items. You can also find them on AH so if you are lucky you can buy almost whole set for few golds.
I was sure I got belt for this transmo before I started collecting. When I've realized that one I have in my bags has red skin I needed to find the easiest source of color I want. There are few drop sources. You can farm mobs, do some raids or like me buy it from vendor. I decided that I will buy it for gold (there is vendor who sells it for points). If you also want to do so you need to be honored with Sunreaver Assault (H)/Kirin Tor Offensive (A). If you aren't just do treasure scenario or few quests and you should get it really fast (especially if you are already exalted on other char).
This belt is must have for every transmo lover. It has the most complex animation of all belts (and maybe items). Those two strings attached to it are moving with you. I read lots of comments that this animation is bugged but I didn't notice this when I was using this transmo for some time.

Legs and Boots
I wanted some unique skin boots. It was sad story. Maybe one day I will wrote book about it. I should title it 'Quests I hate'. After few hours of doing quests I decided that I will just craft other boots. They are nice too and have unique skin. Recipe seems to be easy to get (I already had it) and you don't need to have high tailoring level (140 only). Mats depends from your server. On my there wasn't even 1 piece of silk cloth so I needed to farm it. To create those boots you will need 3 bolts of silk (4 cloths = 1 bolt) and 1 spider's silk. Silk drops from spider in for example Ashenvale or at least it should. After killing 20 spiders I had 3 different kind of spider legs in my bag (I was killing only 1 kind of spider) and no silk. Finally after clearing all forest I got it. I recommend checking AH before going for hunt.
Legs were quite easy to farm. You can get it as drop in Deadmines. There is lot of trash so I needed just two full clears to get Spellbinder Pants.

There is few reasons why you should get staff I used if you don't have it already. First of all it is amazing skin - unique if you are not monk. Moreover it counts toward achievement The Relic Hunter. It is also very nice weapon for lvl 86+ alts because it is account bound. Even if you are not planing lvling any alt you can always send it to your char on other realm and vendor for 35g. In that easy way you will transfer some gold to start on new realm. The only problem with this staff is that it is a little bit hard to find. It spawns next to trees in forest on the north-west Valley of Four Winds. So you will be looking for bamboo stick in bamboo forest. Good luck.

Items used in this transmogrification:

Click on item name to be redirected to Wowhead.
Head: Straw Hat
Drop location: Vendor Gina Mudclaw You need to be best friend with Old Hillpaw - unique skin!
Shoulders: Greenweave Mantle
Drop location: Green item - You can farm mobs with lvl ~19-25 or check AH - another drop location available (other green item)
Chest: Green Woolen Vest
Drop location: Crafting - Any tailor with at least 85 skill lvl can do it - unique skin!
Gloves: Ivycloth Gloves
Drop location: Green item - you can farm 26-27 lvl rares or check on AH | other locations available
Waist:Belt of Loa Charms
Drop location: Vendor Vasarin Redmorn You need to be honored with Sunreaver Assault (H)/Kirin Tor Offensive (A)| Other drop locations available
Legs:Spellbinder Pants
Drop location: Green item - you can farm 15-17 lvl mobs or check on AH | other locations available (other green item)
Boots:Spider Silk Slippers
Drop location: Crafting - tailor with at least 140 skill lvl and recipe required - unique skin !
Cloak: ----
Bracers: Conjurer's Bracers.
Drop location: Green item - you can farm 35-36 lvl rares or check on AH | unique color
Weapon: Staff of the Hidden Master
Drop location: Can be found as item in Valley of Four Winds | unique skin

Off-hand: ----

Mount: Jade Pandaren Kite String
Source: Achievement We're Going to Need More Saddles
Pet: Jade Crane Chick
Source: Pet trainer - you can learn it only if you are pandaren and only once! However you can than cage it and sell so check AH if you don't have it!

As a bonus I made few printscreens in valley and connected into one:

I hope you like this set and maybe you will use it for your fluffy pandas!

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