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Krasarang Wilds - cloth transmo

Second transmo from my locations list is one from Krasarang Wilds. I was afraid that it can be the hardest one. When I was thinking about this zone I just couldn't find one main theme which would be perfect for my set. The most specific for this zone are fractions landing sites and Anglers city. However I didn't want to look like fisherman. When I was browsing various chest skins for inspiration I found perfect one. It use similar colors than Krasarang Wilds map. Or at least it look like this for me :). I decided that I will just find other matching elements to this one.
Here you will find map with colored Krasarag Wilds for those who are not sure where exactly it is in Pandaria. It is this forgotten zone at the bottom of the map where you can find Horde and Alliance landing sites. It is full of Mogu, spiders, turtles and even more spiders.

It is just bellow Valley of the Four Winds so I've decided that it will be good to do this zone next. I'm trying to collect items for few sets at ones because my server is so dead that I can't buy them at AH here. I need to farm almost everything by myself. So much fun.

Chest is all you need
First and main item of this whole set is Robes of the Umbral Brute. It is beautiful dress and has unique color. If you aren't warlock it has also unique skin. You can solo most bosses at Ulduar 25 so it shouldn't be hard to farm. I got it on my first Ulduar run with my Mage :). I would say it is reallymust have for all cloth users.

Belt, Gloves, Weapon and Head
At the beginning I wanted to use more Pandaren look for head. However I prefer to have helmet disabled on all my chars so Cloudscorcher Cowl seems to be good idea. It is extremely easy to get. You can have it from LFR, norm, vendor or from Timless Isles token. There are few different color versions but all should look just fine with this set. The same situation is with gloves. They are mostly hidden under chest so they doesn't need to have any special skin. I wanted them to be small and have as similar color to chest as possible. In my opinion Cloudscorcher Handwraps are perfect , specially if you cheek all other cloth oppositions.
The most interesting part here is belt. I saw this skin before and I was searching for some nice set in which i will be able to use it. I think this one is really good. I bought mine from vendor however if you are not friendly with Shado-Pan Assault you can just do clear of ToT norm. There are two bosses who drops same color if this belt. It can also drop from trash mobs there.
I was thinking about few skins for weapon. I've decided that I will use one which I will have when set will be ready. I'm glad I got this staff with blinking eye. Green color is for LFR only so I guess it can be quite unique in WOD.

When I started thinking that it will be first set which I got without any problems I realized that shoulders which I have on my list can't drop for me. I was doing LFR Siege of Orgrimmar 3 weeks in a row. I wasted my warforged seals trying to get them. I have no idea why I didn't check Dungeon Journal. I was sure that if it says that those shoulders are cloth I can get them on Mage. Now I know that I can't win cloth items with spirit on LFR. It sounds obvious now.
I told myself 'ok, thats fine. I will find better shoulders!'. I've checked shoulders skins again and found Mantle of the Extensive Mind. They are bind on equip so if your server is not dead you can find them on AH cheap. I needed to farm them. I've cleared Naxxaramas (you can get those shoulders from Instructor Razuvious and Gluth because Gluth drops all items available in Naxx) and of course I didn't get them. After three weeks when I didn't get them I was really sad. It was the only item left for this set. I started thinking that I'm farming them on wrong difficulty level. I've checked Wowhead. At this point I realized that they are bind on equip. I probably knew it before but it took me three weeks again to connect this information with fact that I was clearing Naxx lots of time for pets. I've checked my alts and of course I had those shoulders in my bank with crap.

Items used in this transmogrification:

Click on item name to be redirected to Wowhead.
Head: Cloudscorcher Cowl
Drop location: Timless Isles cloth token - lots of other drop location available
Shoulders: Mantle of the Extensive Mind
Drop location: Instructor Razuvious - Naxxramas (1st boss - The Military Quarter)10 man - BIND ON EQUIP check AH - another drop location available
Chest: Robes of the Umbral Brute
Drop location: Kologarn - Ulduar (6th boss)25 players only - unique color and skin if you aren't warlock!
Gloves: Cloudscorcher Handwraps
Drop location: Timless Isles cloth token - lots of other drop location available
Waist:Girdle of Glowing Light
Drop location: Vendor Ao Pye You need to be friendly with Shado-Pan Assault| Other drop locations available
Legs: ----
Boots: ----
Cloak: ----
Bracers: ----
Weapon: Gaze of Arrogance
Drop location: Sha of Pride - Siege of Orgrimmar (4th boss) LFR only | unique color

Off-hand: ----

Mount: Reins of the Great Red Dragon Turtle
Source: Vendor - Turtlemaster Odai - You need to be Exalted with your factions Pandaren sub-faction to purchase this mount.
Pet: Wanderer's Festival Hatchling
Source: Pet Battle - Krasarang Wilds - Available only during Wanderer's Festival, Sundays at 9pm and 11pm PST

As a bonus again I made few printscreens. Here are Krasarang Wilds:

I hope you like this set and maybe you will use it for your fluffy pandas!

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