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Malthael - Diablo leather transmo

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls is here! It is time to show you transmo for my fluffy Malthael :). I wanted to make something looking like angel of death but it is quite hard if you use leathers. In my opinion my final result is quite good. It would be perfect if I would be priest. They have so many great black dresses and hoods. However if you like my look - stay awhile and ... read more!
I wanted to make this post day before ROS launch. I had transmo and all print screens ready but due of my job (and so many things to do in WoW :)) I'm posting it today. I really like how it look like. I wasn't sure if I will be able to find matching items for some Diablo themed transmogrification. When I finally created set which looked good for me, I've realized that if I will not be lucky with drop I will not finish it before ROS launch day.
I've started with a head. I needed some dark and evil hood what wasn't so easy to find. Especially when you are big Panda. However I found perfect one from rogue set - head. It has 3 different raid drop locations and if you are not lucky you can always do some quests as it is available as reward in Shadowmoon Valley
Another perfect find is this Robes of Treacherous Ground. It is not only red/black to match your head but it is also big black robe! The main problem is that it has only 1 drop location and it is in ToT norm. It means that you need to find group and boost them to at least 4rd boss. It may look easy but it isn't. You will probably understand it on trash after first boss. You will than try to find good replacement for this chest but I can ensure you that there is none. If you are lucky and have some friends ask them to go to ToT with you. If they aren't retarded like mosts of players in PUGs you may even finish the whole ToT for some more transmo items. There is great matching belt which drops from Twin Consorts. For my groups (I was doing ToT three weeks in a row for this chest) it was too hard. I still have nightmares when I think what they were doing on this raid.

The next step were shoulders. It is part of the same set from which I got head. It has two drop locations - both from Karazhan. So you can get them and the hood in the same run. The main problem is that second boss which drops those shoulders is Chess Event. I will be honest with you, I'm doing this raid quite often. After 4 years of farming when I finally got my mount I promised myself that I will never come back here and than they introduced pets from Karazhan. So I was farming it again. Now I just feel that my week isn't complete when I will not go to Kara. Even thou I still have no idea how to kill Chess Event. I did it maybe ones or twice. In most cases I spend there half an hour and than ask my boyfriend to kill it for me. I know, I'm weak.

Karazhan loves me so I didn't get those shoulders three weeks in a row. I'm sure that I had them earlier but probably I've sold them by mistake. Anyway, I wanted this set to be ready for launch so I found other matching shoulders. I think that shoulders looks quite nice. You can see them on print screen above.

I had some problems with choosing belt. As long as one from Twin Consorts wasn't so easy to get I've checked if there is something else what can replace it. For this particular chest which I've chosen this belt looks nice. Shape on it's center connects with one on the chest. It could be more black but I guess it can't be perfect all the time :). It is from quest reward so It is easy to get. Even if you have the fastest quest (one which I'm linking below) already done there is few more with the same reward.

I wanted to use clock for this set. I do not like cloaks and I have them disabled on all my chars. However I decided that it will look cool. I found perfect Redoubt Cloak. It also drops from Karazhan (for everyone except me)!. It can be found in few places. I recommend Dire Maul if you didn't get it in Karazhan. You will need to do Tribute run which is quite fun. To do it right you must kill only last boss.Two first can be just skipped. Next one should be frozen in trap (you don't need any mats or quest for this anymore) and for one before last you need to use Gordok Ogre Suit and talk with him. After that just kill last boss - remember to leave ogre next to him (Cho'Rush the Observer) alive!. If you do everything right you will be able to talk twice with Ogre which will appear. He will give you tribute chest full of blue items :). I've done all those things and than realized that I can't transmo my legendary cloak. It was sad day.

Item from which I'm really happy in this set is my off hand. I know that not many players will be able to use it but lets face the truth - who doesn't want to have his own diablo solustone? Shame that it is not black. You can get it from long but epic quest chain. If you are not sure which quest to pick try to do everything in Booty Bay :)

I was sure that there is one hand weapon which looks like hook which I will be able to use for Malthael transmo. It seems that unfortunately it doesn't exist. I've picked something what was at least curved. Gloves were chosen quite random. I got Savage Handwraps when I was doing some quests for off hand. They looked just fine with this whole set.
For mount I was thinking about Armored Red Dragonhawk but Armored Bloodwing seems to be better.

Items used in this transmogrification:

Click on item name to be redirected to Wowhead.
Head: Cowl of Defiance
Drop location: Netherspite - Karazhan (10 boss) - There are other drop locations available
Shoulders: Bladed Shoulderpads of the Merciless
Drop location: Chess Event - Karazhan (7 boss) - another drop location available
Chest: Robes of Treacherous Ground
Drop location: Council of Elders - Throne of Thunder (4rd boss)Norm only - unique color! more locations for druid only!
Gloves: Savage Handwraps
Drop location: Quest reward from Stranglethorn Fever | Other drop locations available
Waist:Charred Drakehide Belt
Drop location:Quest reward from Drake Hunt | Other drop locations available
Legs: ----
Boots: ----
Cloak:Redoubt Cloak.
Drop location: Gordok Tribute - Diremaul (Tribute Run!) North part - this one with Ogres | other drop locations available
Bracers: ----
Weapon: Ook's Hozen Slicer
Drop location:Ook-Ook - Stormstout Brewery (1st boss)both norm and hc | unique color

Off-hand: Star of Stranglethorn
Drop location:Quest reward from Bloodsail's End | unique color!

Mount: Armored Bloodwing
Source: Blizzard Store
Pet: Restless Shadeling
Source: Battle Pet - can be found in Deadwind Pass only on midnight, server time

I had a lot of fun with this transmo. I'm using it for my heal spec. I do not play ROS but I enjoy watching my bf play. We got our big black box from collector edition on the launch day. It has now its special place next to previous one:

I hope you like this set and maybe you will use it for your fluffy pandas!

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