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Hearthstoned - Hearthstone leather transmo

Hearthstone was finally released few days ago. It is really nice and funny game when you are wining. If you are loosing - you probably hate it. I was lucky enough to won beta key on official blizzard website so I knew more or less how to play when beta was over :). As for now if you win 3 games in play mode or arenas you get unique skin mount in WoW. I think it is great occasion to show you my hearthstone themed transmo which will match your new blue horse.
My main goal was creating leather set which will look good with Hearthsteed mount. Unfortunately I can't choose any color I want for my items and I need to base on items currently available in game. I think the best looking set for this mount is DK Challenge set. However Pandaren can't be DK. I don't know why it is set this way. It isn't fair for sure. Anyway, as long as I can't be DK I decide that I will create leather transmo for my monk. Main color which I wanted to use was blue. Now I think that maybe I could go with blue/grey combination but I really like how gold elements looks with dark and light blue. First item which come to my mind when I think about blue is old frost resists chest from Wrath. I still remember that people from my guild were using it for HC Sindragosa fight. I've checked it on Wowhead and it seems that Polar Vest about which I was thinking, is using skin from Old Naxxaramas. As for now this old set is unobtainable but you can find few items with the same skin in game. Chest for example is quite easy to get and any leatherworker can make it for you. You can also get matching leather hands and belt. I prefer finding some more interesting combinations than just premade sets so I've chosen to use only chest from those crafts. I really wanted to use shoulders from current monk tier but I've already used it so many times that I told myself that I need to find something else. When I was browsing blue shoulder's skins I found another replica from Old Naxxaramas. It is quest reward so if you have already done this quest and removed them - you can't get them :(. I wanted to be sure I will have those shoulders in my bank (It is lie. I do not have space in my bank anymore) so I killed everything in Northern Stranglethorn as quest giver asked me and got them.

I didn't wanted to look like big blue Panda so I've added few gold elements. Starting from head and belt from the same set which can be obtained in Siege of Orgrimmar. There are few drop locations for both so they are not so hard to get (I was telling this to myself when I was killing Garrosh 3 weeks in a row for this head both on flex and norm :<).

I've used boots which was already in my bank. I was quite surprised how unique and nice is this skin. I have never seen similar boots before. And it is just simple greens! I think it is must have for all leather transmo lovers. Hands and weapon were quite random. There are lots of gold gloves skins in current content so I've just chosen one I already had. For weapon I was planing to use pvp staff but I will be honest with you - I have no idea how those pvp items work. For some you need to have some special amount of honor earned and for some you need rating. I do not play pvp right now so I've just taken staff which I had from raid :).

Mount choice were quite obvious. I was doing this transmo because of Hearthsteed and I must say that my set look quite nice with it. For pet I was thinking about Menagerie Custodian but than I realised that Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen will be perfect. You can also summon your monk's Xuen and you will have your own family of tigers! So cute! If you have legendary cloak for dps and it will proc your blue wings you can pretend that you are tiger too! Maybe you are even mom of your baby Xu-Fu! You all will go to Stranglethorn or other big forest to hunt for boars, rats, ally and other pests!

Items used in this transmogrification:

Click on item name to be redirected to Wowhead.
Head: Kor'kron Elite Skullmask
Drop location: Garrosh Hellscream - Siege of Orgrimmar (last boss) Norm and Flex - There are other drop locations available
Shoulders: Mantle of the White Tiger
Drop location: Quest Reward from Big Game Hunter - unique colors! and skin if you are not druid
Chest: Polar Vest
Drop location: Crafting - Leatherworking (recipe can be bought in Dalaran for 3 x heavy borean leather) - unique skin!
Gloves: Gloves of the Golden Protector
Drop location: Norushen - Siege of Orgrimmar (3rd boss)flex and norm | Other drop locations available
Waist:Damron's Belt of Darkness
Drop location:Kor'kron Dark Shaman - Siege of Orgrimmar (7th boss)flex and norm | Other drop locations available
Legs: ----
Boots:Bonechewer Shredboots
Drop location: Low lvl greens - you can try to farm it in outlands however I recommend checking AH | unique skin!
Cloak: ----
Bracers: ----
Weapon: Trident of Corrupted Waters
Drop location:Immerseus - Siege of Orgrimmar (1st boss)flex and norm | unique skin

Mount: Hearthsteed
Source: Achievement Hearthstoned
Pet: Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen
Source: Vendor - Can be bought for 3 coins from Celestial Tournament

As bonus I would like to present you brand new legendary card:
About week ago I was on IEM finals in Katowice (Poland). It is first so huge event for me. I was really happy that it took place just 20 mins from my family home and I could attend it! Shame it was so dark there and my photo in HS card is so low quality but I like it anyway. I've even played against someone there and won ^^ Mage decks ftw!

I hope you like it and maybe you will use it for your fluffy pandas!

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