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Saint - Brewfest leather transmo

Brewfest is finally here! If you are not sure what should your panda wear during this world event this post is for you ^^. It wasn't easy to find out something brew-matching but as long as I got my Tremendous Tankard O' Terror really fast this year I've decided I will start my set from it.
Brewfast is brew themed event which takes place ones a year in September. It is all about drinking, raiding on rams, more drinking, fighting with drunk dwarves and even more drinking. I wasn't sure how should I reflect all of this in transmo set. There are however lots of tankards and mugs as weapons and off-hands so my best option was to start with one of them and collect other items which will look good with it.

My new idea is to name all (or at least some) sets which I used to call with custom names (world events/games/others) with names of my guild mates. It is a way in which I can say thanks for playing with me an honor them :) Names will not be chosen by random or in any particular order. There will be always something what connects specific person with event name/theme or anything else. I hope they will like this idea.
First one in my list is Saint - one of our raid leaders and guild officers. He was able to push up our guild progress what let us kill Garrosh HC before 6.0. Because of this (and his abvious connections with all kinds of brew) I willl use his name for this set:

And now how I get all those items:

Mug of awesomeness and snack - Weapon and off hand

It is not typical for me to start transmo set from weapon. However as I mentioned above I needed to use tankard to make my set somehow connected with brewfest. Tremendous Tankard O' Terror drops only during this event and it also looks awesome. There is even real version available in Blizz Store (check it here). I will definitely buy it one day when I will be reach.
I would love to see this tankard with other enchants on it. I'm using Jade Serpent on my monk which gives this funny green glow. In WoD you will be able to use cosmetic enchant effects so I hope next year I will be able to make some printscreens with it. I can only imagine Tankard full of lightening when you use Mongoose.
In off hand I'm using Petrified Camel Haunch. It was quite obvious that if you have something to drink you need to have something to eat too. I bought my Camel Haunch on ah for about 20g. It is hard to farm as all world drops and it has unique skin for alliance players. Horde can get same one as a low lvl quest reward.

Head, legs and chest

Hat was the second thing I collected for this set. I was already using it for other transmo (here) because it is available in an armor type. It cost few copper coins but you need to be best friend with Old Hillpaw. He is one of Panadas from Valley of 4 Winds's farm. If he is not at the Market you can find him n the far west with his crazy chickens. I was sure I already have all reputations on my Pandaren monk so I've chosen this hat without thinking about replacement. It didn't take long for me to realize that it was mistake. I was stranger to everyone at the farm. Definitely I was playing other char when I was doing all reputations there. For short time I thought about replacement however Straw Hat makes from my Panda real brewmaster. Even NPC Panda from Brewfest event wear it! I spend all day collecting Dark Soil around farm, giving gifts to Old Hillpaw and thinking about why the f*ck I'm doing this again. You would be surprise how many peoples are fighting about Dark Soils now. I guess they are trying to find something to do before 6.0.
Anyway, when I got my hat I decide that I will check my bank and voide storage looking for something what I can use. It is how I've chosen Nice Shorts. This unique skin from quest reward was in my bank because I'm checking every stupid quest reward to make sure I will not delete unique skins. I really recommend doing the same to everyone who like doing transmo. So I have my Nice Shorts which are nice for everything and everywhere.
For my nice shorts I've picked shirt from bandit set. However it was really expensive on AH. I was trying to farm it on rare mobs but as always this game just hates me. I got all other items from this set except chest. As replacement I've chosen Grizzly Jerkin - my unique skin from Ragefire Chasm.

Belt, gloves, shoulders and boots

Belt was chosen to other chest but at the end I've decided that it looks ok with other items. In my opinion Scouting Belt is one of the nicer leather green belts.
Both hands and shoulders are quest rewards. Slippery Glovelettes were already in my bank but for Sapfly Spaulders I needed to do short quest chain. Gloves skin is unique for quests what means you can't get it from AH or farm it. Same with shoulders. The main difference is that there are few quests with same gloves skin but only one for shoulders. As far as I checked there are one more green shoulders which are using Sapfly Spaulders skin but they are soulbound to character which use lvl 90 boost (and I guess it is for rogue only).
Boots are the most random things here. I've chosen ones which are almost invisible. You can easy find replacement or use Griftah's Authentic Troll Shoes if you still have it.

Fluffy stuff - pet and mount

Mount was the most obvious choice. From two which drops from world event boss Great Brewfest Kodo looks better with Panda on it :).
Maybe we will have one day big barrel of brew as a pet but for now Alterac Brew-Pup seems to be best choice.

Items used in this transmogrification:

Click on item name to be redirected to Wowhead.
Head: Straw Hat
Drop location: Vendor Gina Mudclaw (Best friend with Old Hillpaw required) | unique skin
Shoulders: Sapfly Spaulders
Drop location: Quest reward from The Mariner's Revenge | unique color
Chest: Grizzly Jerkin
Drop location: Green drop. You can try to farm Ragefire Chasm or check AH | unique skin
Gloves: Slippery Glovelettes
Drop location: Quest reward from Drive-By Piracy | few other drop locations available

Waist: Scouting Belt
Drop location: Green drop. Lvl 21+ rares should drop it. If you are on populated realm check AH | few other items with this color available
Legs: Nice Shorts
Drop location: Quest reward from Kill-Collect | unique skin
Boots: Deeproot Treads
Drop location: Contained in Treasures of the Thunder King | few other drop locations available

Cloak: ----
Bracers: ----
Off-hand: Petrified Camel Haunch
Drop location: Cataclysm world drop | one more drop location available (horde only)
Weapon: Tremendous Tankard O' Terror
Drop location: Contained in Keg-Shaped Treasure Chest | unique skin

Mount: Great Brewfest Kodo
Source: Contained in Keg-Shaped Treasure Chest
Pet: Alterac Brew-Pup
Source: Blizzard Store

As a bonus loot Panda in the 'Brewfast garb' set. Those are white items which can be bought at Word Event vendor only during the event:

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