Sunday, October 12, 2014

Premade sets - MoP Monk Challenge

My first Challenge Mode set! I've realized recently that I have never posted it here. As long as all CM sets will be no longer obtainable after next Wednesday I think it is final time to post my Monk's pritscreens.

Here is how my fluffy panda looks in the full set:

I'm using Kil'ruk's Furious Blade as a weapon however I guess there are lots of other possible options for this set. To be honest I'm not in love in the whole set. I like shoulders and belt but I hate is head. My panda looks like butler in it :(. Sadly without head visible you can't trigger special animations from this set. They aren't epic anyway. For example You can see small baubles and mist when you are channeling. Here is printscreen of it:

And here is my unique mount:

If you still didn't done you challenge mode achievement remember that they will be removed in WoD! It is is last time to get this fabulous look. Here you can check how hunter and mage sets look on pandas:
- Mage
- Hunter
- Warrior

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