Friday, September 12, 2014

Premade sets - MoP Warrior Challenge

I was quite sure that I will finish my adventure with challenge modes after hunter. However my great boyfriend helped me and I got one more great item set. It is my fourth Challenge Conqueror: Gold. I was playing warrior a lot in Cata so I'm glad I have transmo set for him now. When I've started challenge modes I wasn't sure If I will be able to finish it on at least one char. Now I have male, plate, cloth and leather set on all my fluffy pandas.
In my personal opinion there are better challenge mode sets than warrior one. It looks great but is just less epic than mage one :). As every CM set it hes its special animation. When you use your battle shout or /roar your shoulders will burn. Here is how it looks with and without this fire.

As always my favorite part are shoulders. However this time whole set looks great together. It reminds me how bad looks monk's CM head :(. Weapon which I'm using here is quite random but I must say I like how it all looks together. If you want to use it, It is Troll Butcherer

And finally my last CM mount. I know that everyone who did Challenge Conqueror: Gold at least once will get them all in WoD however I'm happy that I can say right now that i have all four.

If you still didn't done you challenge mode achievement remember that they will be removed in WoD! It is is last time to get this fabulous look. Here you can check how hunter and mage sets look on pandas:
- Mage
- Hunter

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