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Zul'Drak - leather transmogrification

Next Northrend location is finally here. This time we are visiting Zul'Drak full of trolls, snow and funny places. It wasn't hard to find here main theme on which I could base. If you like my tusked trollpanda make sure to click 'read more' :)

Northrend is a little forgot now when we survived cataclysm and traveled to Pandaria. If you are not sure where Zul'Drak is you can find it on the map below:

First thing which comes to my mind when I think about this locations are trolls and dark gray/purple colors. Having this in mind I've created leather transmogrification set for my monk. There are lots of troll themed item skins in game mostly because of Zul'Aman and Zul'Gurub instances. I didn't wanted to base only on those items. My plan was to use elements from different expansions to create one good looking set. Here are few more detailed print screens of it:

Lets check what you need to create this set.

Tusks for everyone! - Head

Timeworn Shadowtooth Faceguard is not just standard green item. It was introduced with Isle of Thunder to bring back unique item colors from old Zul'Aman raid which were removed. This green item is your only chance to get this color if you didn't get it back when raid was up. It is not unique skin because same head but with different colors can be found as boss drop in new Zul'Aman. Not many people are aware of that and those greens aren't easy to get. On my server price of single item from any of this old Zul'Aman green sets is from 500g to 5k. When I was farming items on Isle of Thunder I saved lots of this greens in my bank. Drop rate isn't high and you can also get there just standard green items from MoP.
When I've decided that I will use this head for my transmo I was sure I had one. Unfortunately I found out that I sold it on Ah by mistake with some other greens. It took me about month to get new on on AH for some normal price (I paid about 300g for it).
For sure it was worth buying because it has perfect colors and adds some spooky trollish look to my Panda. Current Zul'Aman version of this head is bright green.

Shoulders and Belt - Artifacts from Pandaria

Troll themed instances where first place where I was looking for items for this transmo. It was quite surprising that I found matching shoulders and belt in Pandaria. Doubtridden Shoulderguards drops from first MoP dunegon - Temple of the Jade Serpent. They skin looks like one from Zul'Drak. I guess those stone elements in them reminds me all those Zul'Drak buildings.
Belt which I've decided to use Abandoned Zandalari Moonstrap drops from trash mobs in ToT. If you are not lucky enough to get it there is same skin available at Shado Pan Assault Quartermaster. You need to be friendly with this fraction to buy it. I really like the glow of this belt and how it match my eyes in Timeworn Shadowtooth Faceguard. All small and not 3D belts were not looking good with shoulders and head which I already had.

Gloves, legs, bots and chest

Both Dislocating Handguards and Desecrated Past are from Naxxramas 25 . I was farming there completely different thing but I found out that those legs are perfect for Zul'Drak set. Colors and the whole skin match shoulders and add some savage look to the whole set
I'm not really happy with hands when I look at them now. I guess I could take green version of this skin. However I wanted to have some dark blue/purple color. I already had dark blue Boots of the Shifting Sands from other set and they look good to me in this transmo. I used Dislocating Handguards to match them. However as I mentioned there are for sure good replacement for both boots and gloves. I like look of one I've chosen but I do not think that they are must have for this set.
I was planing to use different chest however I like unique skin of Sark of the Unwatched. Matching color and this funny pattern in the middle creates this what I was looking for. Again it was quite funny to find Zul'Drak skin in Cataclysm raid.

Sharp things and bag - Sword, off hand, mount and pet

Weapon is one more thing from Throne of Thunder. Soulblade of the Breaking Storm drops from first boss and is available in three color versions depends from raid difficulty. All colors are great in my opinion and I would love to have them all. ToT which is troll themed raid from MoP offers lots of other nice unique skins so I really recommend checking it.
For off-hand I've chosen Khadgar's Knapsack. I'm not sure why. I think I just liked it and always wanted to put it somwhere. This set was perfect for this unique skin :)e
There were few mounts about which I was thinking. There are lots of dinosaurs which can be always find near trolls. Various raptors (for Horde only - if you still play Ally you should really change your fraction), Armored Skyscreamer (which I still do not have) and direhorns. I've chosen Reins of the Slate Primordial Direhorn because it has spikes, tusks and I like how its colors look with green and purple.
Pet was a little bit harder choice. I wasn't sure if I should chose something more trollish or more color matching. At the end I took Voodoo Figurine which is reminding me Zul'Drak as it looks like NPC from here.

Items used in this transmogrification:

Click on item name to be redirected to Wowhead.
Head: Timeworn Shadowtooth Faceguard
Drop location: Green item - drops from mobs on Isle of Thunder | unique color!
Shoulders: Doubtridden Shoulderguards
Drop location: Sha of Doubt - Temple of the Jade Serpent (last boss) - any difficulty | few other drop locations available
Chest: Sark of the Unwatched
Drop location: Atramedes - Blackwing Descent (3rd boss) | few other drop locations available
Gloves: Dislocating Handguards
Drop location: Grand Widow Faerlina - Naxxramas (2nd boss from spider wing) (25 man only) | two other drop locations available
Waist: Abandoned Zandalari Moonstrap
Drop location: Throne of Thunder - trash drop | few other drop locations available
Legs: Desecrated Past
Drop location: Grobbulus - Naxxramas (25 man only) (2nd boss from construct wing) | few other drop locations available
Boots: Boots of the Shifting Sands
Drop location: Laj - The Botanica (4 boss) (all difficulty) | unique color
Cloak: ----
Bracers: ----
Weapon: Soulblade of the Breaking Storm
Drop location: Jin'rokh the Breaker - Throne of Thunder (first boss) hc only | unique skin
Off-hand: Khadgar's Knapsack
Drop location: Vendor G'eras | unique skin

Mount: Reins of the Slate Primordial Direhorn
Source: Drop from Zandalari Warbringer
Pet: Voodoo Figurine
Source: Archeology (Troll fragments - 75 skill lvl required)

And here it is - look at whole Zul'Drak

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