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Netherstorm - mail transmogrification

There is so many things to do in WoW that it is sometimes hard to find time to collect perfect transmo set. One which I will show you today I'm using for some time now on my hunter. It present next part of my outland journey - Netherstorm. Beautiful violet location full of storms and magic energy. Transmo I made for it is full of unique colors and skins. If you want to check which one are easy to get just press 'read more' below :).

As always, lets start from map. Everyone loves maps. Here is one with marked Netherstorm:

After Dreanor shattering part of it called The Fields of Farahlon shattered in huge rocks and land fragments which are now floating The Twisting Nether. This location is now know as Netherstorm where everything is purple and magical storm never ends.
It wasn't easy task to capture beauty of this place but I hope you will find piece of it in my new set.

Here is how I put it all together.

Shoulders - You have to suffer for beauty

Mantle of the Sea Wolf were my first choice. Those are perfect for Netherstorm. Color match location in which we are in. Additionally it has small lightnings and purple mists! So awesome! They aren't also 'hard' to get. It is dungeon drop from TBC. The main problem is that you need to kill this boss on hc. It means that you can kill it ones a day. Even with 13% drop chance it took me over two weeks to get them. I was really surprised that it takes so long for so easy item. I was even checking multiple time if it really drops there. Anyway it is worth farming even if it takes week and is really boring. You have to suffer for beauty.

Head and Gloves - unique skins which you will love

Lets start from Steadfast Coronet. It is my latest found and I really love how it looks. It is not unique skin but it has unique color. I didn't liked this type of head until I saw it on my panda. It would be great to see it with some updated textures. As for now you can get this purple beauty from AH or by farming places like Dire Maul. I spend few days killing trash there with no luck. I've started thinking that it just do not drop there. On AH there were all other parts of Steadfast set but none had this head for sale. When I finally saw it for 200g I bought it immediately. I was still farming Dire Maul for legs from this set (My plan was to use them for this transmo) and it took me about 1 hour after my purchase to get another Steadfast Coronet from trash there. Sometimes I think that this game just hate me.
I've chosen this particular skin not only because I like it but also because It adds some space marine look to my hunter. It is like something what could be find in the Twisting Nether
For gloves my main plan was to use skin similar to Nethersteel Gauntlets but with brighter colors. However when I got this pair of hands on AH for 30g I knew that I need to use them. Netherstorm is location where we can find Consortium quite often. For those of you who do not know who they are - Consortium are those funny guys made from bandages and some magic stuff. They can be found under this huge violet globes in Netherstorm even thou they main location is Nagrand.
Anyway I have chosen this gloves because they are purple and have bandages on them. It is like perfect match for me.

Chest, legs, boots and belt

Binding of the Ice Burrower is the hardest one from this list. It drops from Icehowl which is raid boss. It means that you need to have some gear to kill it and you can do it once a week. It isn't however hard to find replacement. Any purple belt will be good here.
Chest and legs are both greens. Faded Forest Chain Leggings can be get from MoP vendor but it is also quite common skin for MoP greens. It is really nice so I decide that it needs some love and attention. As I already mentioned I wanted to use steadfast legs instead however their price on AH on my server was about 2k. It was too much for greens so I just found replacement.
Boots are the easiest one in my opinion. It is the most common blue pvp gear from craft.

Weapon, your own slave and dragon

I took Ironfeather Longbow as a weapon because I just love this skin. It is really unique and unfortunately comes from quest so if you already done it and sold this bow to vendor you can forget about it. There is however nice replacement. I met really nice panda called Chaolan who told me that I should use Melmorta's Twilight Longbow and I must say it is really nice choice. It even much better our main topic of this post - Netherstorm.
For pet I took Soul-Trader Beacon from the same reason I took Nethersteel Gauntlets - Consortium. They are quite common in Netherstorm.
As a mount I decided I will go with netherdrake. There are other, even nice, purple mounts however this one really match the twisting nether and all this magic energy which can be found here.

Items used in this transmogrification:

Click on item name to be redirected to Wowhead.
Head: Steadfast Coronet
Drop location: Green item - you can farm Dire Maul or check on AH | unique color
Shoulders: Mantle of the Sea Wolf
Drop location: Tavarok - Mana-Tombs (2nd boss) hc mode only | unique color for hunters
Chest: Enduring Breastplate
Drop location: Green item - you can farm Dire Maul or check on AH | unique color !
Gloves: Nethersteel Gauntlets
Drop location: Speaker Mar'grom  (rare mob in Blade's Edge Mountains) - BoE so can be found on AH | unique skin!
Waist: Binding of the Ice Burrower
Drop location: Icehowl - Trial of the Crusader (first boss) 25 man mode only| unique color!
Legs: Faded Forest Chain Leggings
Drop location: Vendor Claretta (74g) | few other drop locations available

Boots: Crafted Malevolent Gladiator's Sabatons of Cruelty
Drop location: Leatherworking (600ilvl required) - Recipe from LW research | few other drop locations available

Cloak: ----
Bracers: ----
Weapon: Ironfeather Longbow
Drop location: Quest (The Path to the Dragon Soul)  | unique skin

Weapon for Shaman:

Weapon: Crystalfire Staff
Drop location: Omor the Unscarred - Hellfire Peninsula (2 boss) normal difficulty | few other drop locations available

Mount: Reins of the Purple Netherwing Drake
Source: Quest reward Malfas the Purple Netherwing Drake (can be also bough for 200g if you have chosen other color for free | Required - exalted with netherwings)
Pet: Soul-Trader Beacon
Source: TCG - BoE can be bought on AH

Bonus - final look on Netherstorm:

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