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Nagrand - mail transmogrification

It is hard to find time for transmogrification if you are raiding and gearing more than one char. However I was able to collect few things and create Nagrand set. It is first location from Outlands but definitely not last :) I think it is one of the easiest transmogrifications I done so far. If you like it just click 'read more' and find out how to get this set by your own :)
If you wonder now where Nagrand is here is map for you:
It is one of the most beautiful locations in Outlands. It will also not change much in next expansion when we will be able to see all Draenor locations before they were destroyed and transformed to Outlands. It will be nice to see it reworked with better textures.
The main goal here was green and nature-like look not only because of overall location look but also because it is place where we can find the Earthen Ring. I guess that I wanted to make my hunter look as member of this organization.

Shoulders and legs - the hardest part

As I mentioned above it was really easy to collect all items for this set. The most difficulty here are legs and shoulders. Shoulders are LFR drops and if you are hunter you have only one boss which can drop them. Shamans have same skin for LFR Tier so it is always a little bit easier. I must say that whole set which match those shoulders looks great so if you have some time (and free bag space :)) you should definitely farm it all.
Kilt of Pandaren Promises are the hardest one. I'm using Pandaria world drop which I got from my great boyfriend. There are however few other locations in which you can get this skin starting from shaman tier ending at normal boss drop (Cho'gall).

All other items

Hands and waist are from the same greens set. It is really easy to farm as long as it drops from rare mobs. I found them cheap on AH (2-3g each so make sure you will check your local AH before going somewhere :). There are probably lots of alternatives for both items but in my Soldier's Gauntlets and Belt of Supremacy looks best with shoulders and kilt from set I've created.
Chest can be a little bit tricky. Fel Iron Chain Tunic has unique color so you can't replace it. It is however from blacksmithing (you need only 320 lvl) and recipe is from trainer. The only problem here are mats. Fel Iron can be quite expensive so if you do not have mining prepare to spend some gold.
I'm not using any head or boots so there was no need to farm any of those.
The only thing I'm not happy about is weapon. I wanted use different bow. In my opinion Dutiful Longbow would be better than Archstrike Bow but unfortunately I already did all quests which offered this skin as reward. I was trying to get this bow as a green drop but I wasn't lucky enough. AH price on my realm is 1,5k and I didn't wanted to spend so much on it. For Shaman I would recommend Wildfury Greatstaff. It isn't so hard to get as long as you can solo Serpentshrine Cavern. Some of you can remember this skin from this loading screen:

Items used in this transmogrification:

Click on item name to be redirected to Wowhead.
Head: ----
Shoulders: Waterborne Shoulderguards
Drop location: Protectors of the Endless - Terrace of Endless Spring (1st boss) (LFR only) | unique color if you are not shaman!
Chest: Fel Iron Chain Tunic
Drop location: Blacksmithing (320 lvl required) - recipe from trainer | unique color!
Gloves: Soldier's Gauntlets
Drop location: Green item - you can farm lvl 15+ rares or check on AH | few other locations available
Waist:Belt of Supremacy
Drop location: Green item - you can farm lvl 15+ rares or check on AH | one more location available
Legs: Kilt of Pandaren Promises
Drop location: World drop from Pandaria. It is BoE so you can check AH | few other drop locations available
Boots: ----
Cloak: ----
Bracers: ----
Weapon: Archstrike Bow
Drop location: Green item - you can try to farm classic raids or check AH | one more location available

Weapon for Shaman:

Weapon: Wildfury Greatstaff
Drop location: Trash - Serpentshrine Cavern | unique color!
Mount: Swift Green Wind Rider
Source: Vendor - Mei Francis (HORDE only)
Pet: Clefthoof Runt
Source: Pet Battle - Nagrand

Look how beautiful Nagrand is:

I hope you like this set and maybe you will use it for your fluffy pandas!

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