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Blade's Edge Mountains - mail transmo

I'm really unlucky with drops recently so it took me ages to finish this set. It isn't best looking transmogrification ever but I think it match location about which we will be talking today - Blade's Edge mountains. Both hunter and shamans can use it so if you like it or would you like to know how to get some specific parts of this set just click 'read more' below :)
Blade's Edge Mountains are a little bit abandoned but not forgotten location now. I guess that back in TBC there were plenty of people here. Not only because of raid instance but also because of Ogri'la city which offered various interesting rewards for those funny apexis crystals which drops here from almost everything. Now it looks like abandoned desert with lots of spikes and stones. If you are not sure where it is here is map:

I wanted create transmogrification set for my hunter which will have spikes too as long as it is the most recognizable element of this outland location. With this and brown/beige colors I think I was able to present really good representation of Blade's Edge Mountains.

And now the funny part - how to collect it all together:

Head and Shoulders - Become spiked knight!

Shoulders were first element which I've chosen for this set. I guess there are plenty of other even more spiked items but I've never seen someone using Scorpid-Sting Mantle. Maybe because they are just ugly. It is quite good reason to do not use them. Lets pretend that we think they have awesome skin. Those two big spikes looks really scary! You can even kill mobs with them!
So we have spikes on our shoulders. It maybe match Blade's Edge Mountains look but it is also very dangerous. Imagine that you would like to wave to someone. If you will raise your hand to high you will stick one of those awesome spikes in your head. Because of that you will need steel helmet! I've chosen Battle Mender's Helm not only because it has nice skin but also because of brown color at the top. Here is the tricky part - it is brown only on pandarens! For all other races it will be red. There is also blue version of this skin but again it will be brown on pandarens. Battle Mender's Helm is really easy to get. You can buy it from vendor. Costs about 40g and you need to be revered with Argent Crusade.
Shoulders drops from normal dungeon (The Slave Pens) so you can farm it as many times as you want.

Chest and legs - cover your body with some fancy stuff!

I really like how Ghostworld Chestguard looks. It is originally part of shaman tier but you can but it for some justice points in Orgrimmar/Stormwind. I've market is as unique skin because tier parts use this skin as element of dress. Only this particular item is displayed as shirt.
I found legs from leatherworking which looks like created as a set for this chest. Nerubian Legguards can be crafted by any leatherworker with 370 profession lvl and mats are easy to get.

All other crap - gloves, waist, boots, weapon and animals

Gloves, waist, boots and weapon are all green items. I got them mostly from AH for few gold. There are probably good replacements available.
I wanted to use Rippling Flesh Kilt kilt however after few weeks of farming ICC I've decided to find replacement. I hope that I will be able to add this item to my collection anyway because it looks quite nice on my hunter :).
As a pet I've chosen Dark Whelping mostly because there were no good spiked , brown pet. Whelp seems good for me because it looks nice with this set and moreover black drakes can be found in Blade's Edge Mountains (mostly dead, impaled on the spikes)
Mount choice wasn't easy. There were few good options. Great Gray Kodo is best because it is Horde only and i has spikes! It is actually live war machine. You can ride on it and kill peoples using spikes on kodo's head! Hell yeah! Shame he can't fly.

Items used in this transmogrification:

Click on item name to be redirected to Wowhead.
Head: Battle Mender's Helm
Drop location: Vendor Veteran Crusader Aliocha Segard (require revered with Argent Crusade)| unique color for not Pandaren hunters
Shoulders: Scorpid-Sting Mantle
Drop location: Quagmirran - The Slave Pens (last boss) normal mode only | unique color
Chest: Ghostworld Chestguard
Drop location: Vendor Jamus'Vaz (H)| Faldren Tillsdale (A) | unique skin!
Gloves: Banded Gauntlets
Drop location: Green item - you can farm lvl 29-32 rares or check on AH | two other locations available
Waist: Highperch Belt
Drop location: Green item - you can farm cataclysm locations or check on AH | few other locations available
Legs: Nerubian Legguards
Drop location: Leatherworking (370 lvl required) - recipe from trainer | one other drop location available
Boots: Silvered Bronze Boots
Drop location: Blacksmithing (130 lvl required) - recipe from trainer | unique color
Cloak: ----
Bracers: ----
Weapon: Expert's Longbow
Drop location: Green item - you can try to farm northrend mobs or check AH | few more locations available

Weapon for Shaman:

Weapon: Apocalyptic Staff
Drop location: Green item - you can try to farm northrend mobs or check AH | few more locations available
Mount: Great Gray Kodo
Source: Vendor - Great Gray Kodo (HORDE only)
Pet: Dark Whelpling
Source: Drop - Black Whelps (various locations) - can be found on AH

Here is look at Blade's Edge mountains from its center:

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