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Prepare for Draenor - healer leather transmo

I'm still in 'No beta club' however it doesn't mean that I can't start preparing myself for journey through the Dark Portal. I've created transmogrification set to make my healer ready for hard work in Draenor.
As we all know Draenor is wild and savage land. It is not safe to come there unprepared! Because of that I've created perfect set for healer who need to be ready for those hard times.
It is simple and clean transmo but it wasn't easy to collect all items for it. As with all greens it was hard to farm them and prices on AH were really high. I'm however quite happy with final look and for sure I will be using it now on my monk.

White masked thief who lost one shoulder - how to get head and shoulders

Head is easy to get because it is normal boss drop. It means you can farm it almost as many times as you want. Boss from which it drops can be killed as first one so you don't need to clear whole instance. It is worth mentioning that last boss from this instance (Stratholme) drops mount so if you plan to get this head you can also farm it. Mask of the Unforgiven has unique white color. It can be obtain as green item but only as cloth armor so than it is no longer usable for leather transmo. This white mask is not only great looking but it will also help you survive in Draenor. You have no idea what germs can be in the air there. Moreover when you and your team will finally go through the Dark Portal there will be no time for shower. Imagine how smells tauren after few days at warm and wet jungle. You will want to say 'thanks' for that white mask on your face.
There are probably few good shoulders skin which I could use but I think that Thresher Shoulders needs some love. It is greens from MoP what means that in current expansion it is really common. You can get this skin as other Pandaria greens so just check AH or pay attention to greens which drops from dungeons or raids :). One shoulder pad is missing what makes them quite unique.

I've created gif showing this set in different light.

Chest, boots, gloves and other bandages

Grizzly Jerkin was the hardest part. I've never thought that greens from Ragefire Chasm can be so expensive. It is unique skin which looks fabulous on all female characters. I was trying to farm it but after about 30 runs I still didn't get it. Price on AH was about 1-2k so it was definitely too expensive for me. I saw this chest ones for 200g and I couldn't forgive myself that I didn't bought it. It took me month of farming and checking AH to get it. Finally I bought one for 100g on AH. On the second they I found another one for 10g :<. I bought it in case I will be doing any other character which are using leathers.
I've chosen this skin not only because it is unique and looks nice. The main purpose was that it covers only small part of my big belly. I'm using shirt under it and it is clearly visible. Wound Dressing is made from badages and can be bought for 20g at First Aid Supplies vendor in Dalaran or in Mop Sanctuary. There is also version with bandages covered with blood which can be bought from the same vendor. I do not like how this version looks with Grizzly Jerkin so I took clean shirt :)
Boots and gloves have similar skin style. Maybe it is not visible at the beginning but if you look closer you will see that both items have similar colors and they have bandages on them! Boots of the Shifting Sands is really easy Botanica drop. It seems that you can farm it on norm or heroic so with a little luck you can get it in one day :). A little bit more difficult can be getting Skystalker's Gloves. There is another pair of gloves with the same skin available from craft but you may have problems with recipe (it is world drop and mats are really stupid). If you will decide that you want to get Skystalker's Gloves you need to know few things. Those gloves are available from vendor for 3xApexis Crystal. There are six ways of getting this blue shard but the easiest and fastest one is collecting 35 white appexis shards and going with them to Fel Crystal Prism or Apexis Monument (you can find them in location near Ogri'la or Forge Camps in Blade's Edge Mountains). It will let you summon mob which drops one blue shard. When you collect at least two shards (I recommend getting all three and I will explain why in a second) funny parts begin. Vendor which is selling those great gloves isn't always visible in his spot. To make him appear you need to complete Assault on Bash'ir Landing! event I must say that I spend some time at Outlands and I've never heard about this event before. It seems that you can join this even on every odd-numbered hour(PST time). To check when it start on your server you need to talk with Aether-tech Apprentice. After it starts you need to go to Bash'ir Landing in Blade's Edge Mountains. You will need to protect friendly NPCs there. There will be 3 waves of mobs. I recommend killing them only when they will come to you. There is no point to kill all mobs which will appear at ones because it will not make this event faster. Mobs are respawning almost instantly and they drops no loot. On second wave turrets will appear and you need to kill them to activate next wave. During whole events some friendly NPC's will be arriving to your spot. After you will kill last elite mob (mini boss) Aether-tech Master will arrive and you will be able to purchase Small Silver Metamorphosis Geode which always contain gloves. Last mini boss which you killed also drops 1xApexis Crystal so it is why you need to have only 2 of them before attending to this event. However it is possible that you will find someone who just did this event and boss is already killed. In that case you will need 3 x crystal to buy your gloves. This event is easy to do solo and you do not need any reputation to do it!

Here is one more screen in different light if you do not like looking at gif above

Other crap - waist, weapons, legs and fluffy stuff

I must say I'm not perfectly happy with waist I have in this set. It is ok but I still think I could find something better. It is quite easy to get green item and it shouldn't be hard to replace it.
Same with Proto-Hide Leggings. You can find them on AH if you do not like farming items. They have really nice skin but it isn't hard to replace them with something else what you already have in your bank.
More interesting here are weapon and off-hand. I'm currently using one hand with skin of Glutton's Cleaver. It is plain axe with some blood marks. Perfect for healer who will need to defend himself in wild Dreanor. You can not only help your fellow party members by amputating their limbs but you can also kill some trash!. For off-hand make sure to take Tears of Heaven! I'm not sure if it is mana potion or powerful healing one but you MUST have it! Every pro player use potions. I'm always pre potting with mana potions on all raids even on warrior.
For mount I have chosen Red Skeletal Horse for few reasons. First of all it is nice and match this transmo set. You can't fly in Draenor (or at least for now) so it is perfectly fine to use ground mounts. It is horde only - what is another plus. If you play ally just change your fraction. It will be better for everyone. And lastly this horse is already dead so it will not die! He doesn't need to eat or drink so it is perfect mount.
As a companion I'm recommending Alterac Brew-Pup. It will not only help with healing but it will also give you some brew so you can drink and forgot that you still doesn't have beta (I'm joking of course. Alcohol is bad. Don't drink it or you will be doing low dps and RNG God will not like you)

Items used in this transmogrification:

Click on item name to be redirected to Wowhead.
Head: Mask of the Unforgiven
Drop location: The Unforgiven - Stratholm (Can be killed as 1st) | unique color!
Shoulders: Thresher Shoulders
Drop location: Green item - you can farm mobs in Pandaria | few other locations available
Chest: Grizzly Jerkin
Drop location: Green item - you can farm low lvl classic dungeons (for example Ragefire Chasm) or check AH | unique skin!
Shirt: Wound Dressing
Drop location: Vendors - First Aid Supplies - Dalaran/Shrine of Two Moons/Shrine of Seven Stars (20g) | unique skin!
Gloves: Skystalker's Gloves
Drop location: Vendor Aether-tech Master | one more available
Waist:Pygmy Belt
Drop location: Green item - you can farm Northrend mobs or check on AH | few more locations available
Legs: Proto-Hide Leggings
Drop location:Razorscale - Ulduar 25 player only BoE can be found on AH | few other drop locations available
Boots: Boots of the Shifting Sands
Drop location:Laj - The Botanica (5th boss) | one more drop location available
Cloak: ----
Bracers: ----
Weapon: Glutton's Cleaver
Drop location: Glutton - Razorfen Downs (can be killed as first) | few more locations available
Off-hand: Tears of Heaven
Drop location: Vendor G'eras (130 JP as for 5.4)| unique skin!
Mount: Red Skeletal Horse
Source: Vendor - Zachariah Post (HORDE only)
Pet: Alterac Brew-Pup
Source: Blizzard Pet Store

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