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Torch - Midsummer mail transmo

I had so many things to do recently that I've almost missed our summer World Event. I've already all achievements available for it but it is always great occasion for new transmogrification. Mostly because I'm in love in my new hunter look I made Midsummer themed transmo for mail users. If you have hunter or shammy and want to show how hot are you make sure to read this post ^^

Is your head on fire? - Finding perfect helmet and shoulders

There are lots of great fire skins from Firelands raid. I was thinking about using Crown of Flame which looks great on Pandaren however I wasn't lucky enough to get it. If you have some time you can try to farm it from Ragnaros (normal difficulty). There is also different color version of this head from HC Ragnaros however it seems a little bit bugged. Instead of great glow it shows some strange half transparent shape or at least it looks like this on my panda. I decided that I will take for this set Crown of Destruction. It also drops from Ragnaros but in Molten Core so it is much easier to farm. I already had it because it is really nice unique skin. You can get it also in cloth version what is quite funny. I do not remember any other so unique skin which would be available in two different armor types.
For shoulders again there were few options. My favorite ones with flames was always Craterflame Spaulders so picked them. It is Shaman tier skin from Firelands so for hunters it is something not so common. There are again two color versions of those shoulders but in my opinion those red ones are just better for this set.

Crafts and greens - legs, gloves, feats, chest and waist

I've completely forgot about Midsummer event so when I realized that it is already live I wanted to make some set quite fast. I had lots of items in my void and bank but I still needed some fire themed elements. There are lots of great red colored green items but chance to drop green item you want is so extremely low that after few days in low lvl instances I started looking for replacements. I needed good legs and gloves. I could choose something from 'Engraved' green set because it is really common and easy to get but I already wanted to have boots and chest from this set. I do not like using more than 2-3 items from the same set so I needed to search all skins to find something good. I found than really nice 'Scaled Dreanic' set from leatherworking. I've crafted Scaled Draenic Gloves and Scaled Draenic Pants. Recipes for both items can be get from trainers and mats aren't hard to get. The main problem I had with Fel Scales. I still do not have skinning on Burning Legion so I needed to buy them on AH for some overprice. It was however worth it because both items looks really nice. There aren't many mail gloves which are so flat and I must say i like this type of skin.
As I mentioned above I'm using Engraved Breastplate and Engraved Boots from Engraved set which is really nice to use on its own. It drops mostly from rare spawns with lvl 57+ (some lower lvl mobs drop it too) so if you have friend on low populated realm you can just farm rares in Blasted Lands and you should get it quite fast. You can also check AH for it!. Both items have unique colors.
For belt I'm using Masterwork Girdle which has exactly same skin as belt from Engraved set but has different unique color. In my opinion it looks better with Scaled Draenic Pants but feel free to use Engraved belt if you already have it. If you do not have any of those belts already make sure to get one. Unique skin they have looks very specific. It is just one gold line with fancy ending. Perfect for any female character.

Mount, weapons and pet

If I could choose any mount I would definitely use Blazing Hippogryph however it is too expensive for me right now :). I'm using Flameward Hippogryph instead. It isn't so awesome but it has flames too! The only problem is long achievement which you need to do to get this mount.
I was quite surprised that there were so many pets with flames to choose from. I took Netherspace Abyssal. I'm not sure why. I guess it is because it has flames and he looks like he is smashing other pets in few seconds. If you do not have it you can always buy yourself one on AH or use Phoenix Hatching or Lil Ragnaros. Whatever you will choose my Netherspace Abyssal will smash it.
When I was choosing weapon for this transmo i took one from my void storage. I was sure that Themios the Darkbringer drops from Deathwing or at least from Dragon Soul boss. It seems however that you can get it in Blackwing Descent.
For Shaman I've chosen Spire of Scarlet Pain from Firelands. I would say that Staff of the Mist Navigator is better however it is much harder to get. As a Shaman you can't use polearms skins for staff transmogrifications so the only way to get this skin is to have Staff of the Mist Navigator from one of the first quests in Pandaria. The same skin is used for polearm which drops in the Trial of the Crusader raid from wrath. I was surprised when I realized that they gave it back as staff in MoP. I guess not many people realized how rare this skin on staff.

As a bonus here is how white item set from Midsummer look on female Panda:

Items used in this transmogrification:

Click on item name to be redirected to Wowhead.
Head: Crown of Destruction
Drop location: Ragnaros - Molten Core (last boss) | unique skin
Shoulders: Craterflame Spaulders
Drop location:Alysrazor - Firelands (you can do this boss as first one)HC only | unique color if you aren't shaman
Chest: Engraved Breastplate
Drop location: Green drop. Lvl 57 rares should drop it. If you are on populated realm check AH | unique color
Gloves: Scaled Draenic Gloves
Drop location: Crafting - Leatherworking (min lvl 300)(recipe from trainer) | unique color
Waist:Masterwork Girdle
Drop location: Green drop. Lvl 57 rares should drop it. If you are on populated realm check AH | unique color
Legs: Scaled Draenic Pants
Drop location: Crafting - Leatherworking (min lvl 300)(recipe from trainer) | unique color
Boots: Engraved Boots
Drop location: Green drop. Lvl 57 rares should drop it. If you are on populated realm check AH | unique color
Cloak: ----
Bracers: ----
Weapon: Themios the Darkbringer
Drop location: Atramedes - Blackwing Descent (3 boss) (both norm and hc)| unique skin

Off-hand: ----

Weapon option for shaman

Weapon: Spire of Scarlet Pain
Drop location: Fireland trash drop BoE can be found on AH | unique color

Mount: Flameward Hippogryph
Source: Achievement reward The Molten Front Offensive
Pet: Netherspace Abyssal
Source: Drop Prince Malchezaar - Karazhan (can be found on AH)

RAWRARWARARA thanks for reading! ^^

I hope you like my Midsummer transmo and maybe you will use it for your fluffy pandas!

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