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Grizzly Hills - leather transmogryfication

My journey around Pandaria still isn't over however I'm already starting new one. With my fluffy monk we will be visiting all Northrend locations trying to find best sets for leather users. We are starting from my old transmogrification which in my opinion is really good match for Grizzly Hills.
As always for those of you who lost themselves in Azeroth here is map with marked location about which we are talking.

Grizzly Hills is covered mostly by green forests. You can find here various wild animals from dears to eagles. This location looks really 'natural' comparing to Crystalsong forest or Zul'Drak. In my transmo I wanted to keep that style.
I've created Grizzly Bear form for my Panda :). It is also more shaman or druid set style than monk or rogue one. Even thou it is pure leather set usable by any leather user class. Here is closer look at all parts:

Head - Your inner bear form

I love how detailed and good quality is this bear pelt. If you compare it with old pelts from previous expansions you will definitely see the difference. Hood of Stilled Winds can be acquired only on LFR however there are already some information that you will be able to access old LFR even in next expansion so there is no need to farm it now :). There are two more color versions of this head (from norm and heroic difficulty) so you can choose your favorite one and become a bear! I should also point here out that this head has his own unique glow. Small green mist is visible under it. It has similar look to enchant Jade Spirit which is now (MoP) commonly used by healers. For better look here is darker printscreen of my monk wearing it.

Items worth mentioning - shoulders and chest

Ravenwing Pauldrons have unique color. You can get this skin in more places but it will always be blue. Brown ones looks better for bear-like transmo. Actually I like to think that those shoulders are my wings and I'm eagle-bear or something like that. RAWRARWAR!
Chest is also great if you are looking for unique and uncommon skins. It is simple green item which adds shaman look to your character. It not only has leather stripes but it also has lots of shines! I think it looks best on male Pandaren but it can be good choice for any other race.

All other crap - hands, boots, waist, legs and other

Both waist and gloves are common quest reward. There are few quests in which you can get them so there shouldn't be a problem with finding good one. Even if you are really unlucky and have them all complete you can just try to find replacement. Any brown/grey items will be fine here as long as the most important is head, shoulders and chest.
Crafty's Gaiters drops from dungeon boss so can be farmed very easy. Moreover they can be found only on normal difficulty what let you kill this boss more than ones every day.
Legs are quite easy to farm green item. You can run Ragefire Chasm to get them. Fun fact is that chest from this green set is extremely rare and expensive. I'm currently looking for it for other transmo and after about 30 Ragefire Chasm runs I had about 15 x Grizzly Pants ans still no chest from this set. It can be also found on AH so make sure to check it before farming :)
I wanted to use bear paws as a weapons however I'm currently using one hand sword and off hand on my healer. In that case I've chosen Harmonious Scepter for weapon and Eerie Stable Lantern for off-hand. Mace is green drop from northrend. It isn't unique but I've never seen someone using it for transmo so I wanted to give it some love ^^.
Pet and mount was obvious choice. You can't have too much bears. There is one bear mount without additional armor what in my opinion looks better. It is called Big Battle Bear and can be sometimes found on AH or Black Market AH because it TCG pet. I do not feel like spending 300k on another bear so I do not have it roght now :). Reins of the Armored Brown Bear can be bought in Dalaran by anyone. Even if you do not want to spend money you can get few other bears in game for free. The same is with pets.

Items used in this transmogrification:

Click on item name to be redirected to Wowhead.
Head: Hood of Stilled Winds
Drop location: Blade Lord Ta'yak - Heart of Fear (2nd boss) (LFR only) | unique color if you aren't druid!
Shoulders: Ravenwing Pauldrons
Drop location: Lieutenant Drake - Old Hillsbrad Foothills (2 boss) (only normal mode) | unique color!
Chest: Ceremonial Leather Harness
Drop location: Green item - you can farm Wailling caverns or check on AH | two other items with this skin available
Gloves: Slippery Glovelettes
Drop location:Quest reward from Drive-By Piracy | few other quests with this reward available
Waist:Belt of Supremacy
Drop location:Quest reward from Details of the Attack | few other quests with this reward available
Legs: Grizzly Pants
Drop location: Green item - you can farm Ragefire Chasm (drop rate is quite high) or check on AH | unique color!
Boots: Crafty's Gaiters
Drop location: Siamat - Lost City of the Tol'vir(last boss) (only normal mode) | few other locations available
Cloak: ----
Bracers: ----
Weapon: Harmonious Scepter
Drop location: Green item from Northrend | can be found on AH | few other locations available
Off-hand: Eerie Stable Lantern
Drop location: Lord Walden - Shadowfang Keep (4 boss) (only normal mode) | few other locations available
Mount: Reins of the Armored Brown Bear
Source: Vendor - Mei Francis (available for both fractions)
Pet: Hyjal Bear Cub
Source: Vendor - Varlan Highbough (few prequests needed to see this NPC)

Bonus photo of Grizzly Hills:

It is great looking location however I had some problems with doing printscreens there. When I found perfect spot for myself every time I wanted to make printscreen I got this:

After killing them all I could finally do my job.
I hope you like this set and maybe you will use it for your fluffy pandas!

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