Thursday, August 7, 2014

[WoD Beta] Sets of greens on Pandas!

WoD beta realms lets you create premade characters on lvl 100. They are wearing sets of green which will be probably available as quest rewards or standard green drops from mobs. I've already checked Wowhead database and it seems that those sets will be also available in some recolored versions. I'm not sure if it is because they are so new but I really like how they look. If you would like to see how male and female pandas look in them just press 'read more' button below :)

Not all sets could be checked directly in game. For example my Panda mage had her chest equipped but it wasn't showing up on her. Because of that I made all print screens on character selection screen.

Female Pandas

 I really love how cloth and leather chests looks. It is not visible here but I recently found out that leather chests have small pockets visible on the sleeves.  I think it will be nice match for one shoulder pad and I can't wait to check this on live servers :). All sets except plate one have different skins used for shoulderpads what is really nice. With those new updated textures they could just create simple shoulders and they would look great. This small addition makes them look awesome.

Male Pandas

Cloth and leather chest looks here even more awesome. I love skins which shows some fur on my pandas belly ^^. Shame that my mage is female. I think I will need to lvl up some cloth using male panda. As for now I will be definitely using this leather chest. The only things which bothers me in it are those small decorations on both sides, placed exactly on panda breasts. They look like sad nipples.

It is hard to check anything else on beta right now. You can lvl or check your talent/spells but you can't be sure if all drops are final or if they will add current skins to quests or mob drops. If I will find something worth showing I will for sure post it here. As for now I will try to look if they are removing something or if they are giving some skins back :)

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