Saturday, August 2, 2014

Pandas in Warlords of Draenor Beta!

Finally I got my WoD beta key! It isn't easy to find one and I'm extremely happy that I have it. I wasn't lucky enough to be chosen for beta tests by Blizzard so i needed to take part in thousands of contest. One of the polish websites offered chance to win about 100 keys by doing lots of funny things. One of them were photo contest. If you want to see my entry and read what you can expet to see on this blog in next few days - press 'read more' !

Wowcenter asked everyone who would like to get beta key to send them photo which will be showing 'wildnes'. In addition they asked us to put special card with website address on that photo to make sure noone will be cheating :). It could be anything from landscape to portrait. I've decided to show them my favorite sha of cuteness when he is really angry. You can check my entry here:

This photo gave me key and I can now officially check what Blizzard prepared for our fluffy Pandas!. I've already explored new locations which are available for play and I must say that they look stunning! I was wondering what I can show here. This blog is about finding some unusual transmo set for your fluffy chars so there is no much things I can use from beta now. There are lots of placeholders and unfinished things there. I think the best I can do is checking more or less what they will be removing and if there are any skins which it would be better to get before WoD launch. I guess it will be wiser to wait with this until later stage of beta but for sure I will find for you something to show even now :). In next post I will show you how pandas looks in premade greens sets which you get when you create any char on beta realm. I guess they will be available as normal green drops on launch so it is worth to look at them.

I can not copy any of my current chars on to beta realms for now because this option is not working for EU realms. I will be using premade chars if I will want to show you something. If you would like to see anything special just let me know and I will do my best to present it as fast as possible :). For the beginning I would like to show you beautiful sky of Blastedlands. It is completely fabulous!

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